Mitel 3300 Controller

Purpose-Built Hardware Designed to Address a Variety of Business Needs

Mitel 3300 Controllers are specifically designed hardware platforms on which MiVoice Business can reside. Mitel 3300 Controllers are available in several variants – CX II / CXi II, MXe II and AX – with each offering unique capabilities to address a wide range of business needs.

Key Benefits
The Mitel 3300 Controller can be deployed as a media gateway, providing your business with a gateway to productivity-enhancing solutions – like unified messaging and mobile integration – without having to remove your existing communications system. 
Mitel 3300 Controller and MiVoice Business
Together they provide your business with a complete communications solution that delivers voice communications, unified messaging, auto-attendant and support for analog devices all in a single package. 

Is this product right for you?

CX and CXi Controllers

These controllers are ideal for the smaller business, or as part of the enterprise edge for large networks. They can either be deployed as a survivable branch solution for centralized deployments or as a dedicated PBX operating as part of a larger network. 

MXe Controller

Delivers greater user scalability and trunk capacity.  

AX Controller

Ideal for high density analog requirements, either as a stand-alone solution or part of a larger network deployment. 

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