Mitel 612 DECT Phone

The Mitel 612 DECT Phone of the Mitel 600 DECT family is the basic model for the business sector.

The Mitel 612 DECT Phone also supports service facilities like firmware download over air* which helps to reduce support costs. With its colour 2" TFT display it guarantees an optimum overview and simple operation of the clearly structured menus at all times. 

*If supported by the PABX

Colour TFT display (2“, 176 x 220 dots, 65,536 colours)

  • Telephone book with 200 contacts*, with 8 possible entries each: office-, private- and mobile number; email address*, fax*, quick dial, ringing tone* and name assignment
  • Ambient noise filter for loud environments
  • 44 polyphone ring tones (Midi type), 29 normal ring tones and 7 alarm tones with automatic volume control can be assigned
  • Up to 5 user profiles for e.g. headset use or meeting usage can be configured
  • Hands free operation
  • Headset connector (2.5 mm jack)
  • 2 programmable navigation keys*
  • 2 programmable soft keys*
  • Intelligent battery management
  • 3 colour multi-purpose LED, which can be set for visualisation of functions
  • Support of message & alerting applications*

*If supported by the PABX


  • Cradle with international AC adapter
  • Handset Mitel 612
  • Belt clip “Rotary”
  • Leather poach
  • Lanyard attachment
  • Charger Rack including 8 rack charger 

130x28 pixeled backlit screen with high contrast for easy reading
Ambient filter keeps unwanted noise out of the conversation in loud environments
Designed for demanding environments with protection from dust, moisture, solvents, and shock 

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    •Color TFT display (2“, 176 x 220 dots, 65,536 colors) 
    •Directory with capacity for 200 contacts 
    •Ambient noise filter for loud environments 
    •44 polyphone ring tones (Midi type), 29 normal ring tones and 7 alarm tones with automatic volume control 
    •Up to 5 user profiles can be configured 
    •Hands-free operation 
    •Headset connector (2.5 mm jack) 

    •Headset connector (2.5 mm jack) 
    •2 programmable navigation keys  
    •2 programmable soft keys 
    •3 soft keys for menu control 
    •Intelligent battery management 
    •Tri-color multi-purpose LED indicator 
    •Support of message & alerting applications*

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