Effective Migration Tools & Services to Minimize Business Disruption

A unique upgrade experience exclusive to Mitel customers that causes no disruption to your business. This seamless and effective transition to RingEX™ saves you both time and money, while also providing a comprehensive audit of your current configuration.

  • Smooth Migration

    With everything else going on with your business, migrating to a new communications solution may not be top of mind. That said, communications are at the core of your business and downtime is lost revenue.

    Mitel takes the guesswork out of replicating the configuration and behaviour of your current communications solution, so that you can quickly and easily take advantage of the best UCaaS system on the market—RingEX™.

  • Minimize Business Disruption

    When you choose to migrate from a Mitel Cloud solution to RingEX™, Mitel provides a comprehensive audit of your existing system including user details, phone numbers, and call flow settings.

    Mitel and RingEX™ have also worked to deliver a thorough data field and feature mapping from Mitel systems to RingEX™. This will ensure the highest level of consistency between your current Mitel Cloud system and RingEX™.

  • Mitel System Audit Information

    The Mitel audit of your current cloud solution outputs a summary description of how the current system is being utilized, as well as a detailed report of the current configuration. This information is used for reference and review when provisioning your new RingEX™ solution and can save you days or potentially weeks of effort in capturing this information yourself. Further, this information can help reduce errors resulting from incorrect behaviour of the solution post-implementation.

As a Mitel customer, you can take advantage of significant incentives and a unique upgrade experience that can save you time and money. 
This is a limited time offer and certain terms and conditions apply. Please contact your Mitel representative for details.
  • Mitel is providing Migration Assist packages for all our cloud systems migrating to RingEX™.

  • Cut-over can be coordinated such that there is minimal to no downtime as users migrate to RingEX™.

  • RingCentral has a well-defined and streamlined process for requesting and executing number porting requests. To facilitate this, and as part of the Mitel Migration Assist package, Mitel delivers a Customer Service Record form that contains all numbers currently owned, including location details and prime carrier. The coordination of the porting will be handled by RingCentral during the onboarding/activation process.

  • All Mitel customers with less than 100 users have access to an Implementation Service that is available at no cost in a self-service model that promotes customer administrator enablement and expedites onboarding.

    More complex installations may require pre-defined professional services packages. Note, a more detailed RingCentral-led professional services discovery may be required for more complex configurations.

  • In the case of Implementation Service onboarding, you will assign one or more individuals to be trained as the administrator of the RingCentral system and they will lead the system programming activities.

    In the case of Professional Services onboarding, you will assign resources to work with the RingCentral or Mitel assigned project manager for information requirements, planning and design, training, and acceptance testing.

    Please contact your Mitel representative for details.


  • Both the RingCentral and Mitel teams will support Mitel Cloud customers migrating to RingEX. RingCentral onboarding includes no-charge implementation option and paid professional services options that ensure successful transition of customers to the RingCentral solution.

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