F24 Alarm-Media Gateway featured

Professional alarming solutions are an inevitable component in modern enterprise communication and collaboration installations. F24 alarming provides an alert, information and collaboration platform that is simple, fast and reliable at the same time.

App Overview

F24 Alarming solution is a critical event communication platform that provides information and sends alerts through all available communication channels, notifies users of specific events, and informs them of required responses. According to a predefined set of rules, F24 Alarming provides information and sends alarms using all available communication channels, notifies affected users and informs about any required responses. The smart event communication platform is available in three editions to ensure efficient and reliable alarm and crisis management. The SaaS solution is operated regardless of the infrastructure. The on-premises version allows a full integration into the system landscape. The hybrid solution combines the benefits of the cloud and server-based solutions, while enabling a deep integration into the whole communication infrastructure.

Benefits of the F24 Alarm-Media Gateway


  • Unidirectional & biderectional notification, Parallel, Serial, Conference

  • Receipt Confirmation

  • Escalation

  • Annual and Shift plans

  • Connection to mail server (to send e-mails)

  • Sending text messages

  • Local Alarm Reports

  • Stand-alone operating system with centralized monitoring

  • Hybrid operating system with connection to the Cloud by means of REST APIs

  • Lone Work Safety

  • Discreet Alerting with Silent Alarm

Compatibility & System Requirements


Approved: The 3rd party solution or service is interoperable with the Mitel product(s), for specific regional market(s) and is eligible for Mitel MSA Support.

How to Get

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Please contact https://F24.com
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F24 is Europe’s leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider for incident and crisis management, emergency notification, as well as for business messaging. With our solutions for emergency notification and crisis management we help companies and organisations around the world to efficiently and successfully manage incidents, emergencies and crises. In addition we offer solutions for high-volume communication of critical or confidential content in the corporate environment.

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