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AI Contact Center & Call Center Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing today’s customer experience landscape. AI contact center and call center solutions have advanced beyond basic efficiencies. Now, cutting-edge capabilities such as automated assistance, advanced analytics, real-time coaching and intelligent advice to agents are just a few of the AI contact center features transforming customer interactions.

AI Contact Center & Call Center Solutions Benefits

Mitel offers a number of end-to-end contact center solutions that let you incorporate AI into the core of customer experience. Do more than meet customer expectations by handling more inquiries, regardless from what device they’re coming through, and making sure each interaction is effective and on-brand.

Increase Efficiency

AI center solutions create a more personalized customer experience, as virtual agents handle a range of inquiries without human intervention.

Faster Insights for Management & Agents

Advanced analytics leverage natural language processing and machine learning to provide real-time insight into your customers’ preferences.

Automated Advice for Agents

Virtual assist guides human agents in real time by providing coaching to improve interactions and delivering relevant information. The result: agents built with contact center artificial intelligence respond to customers more quickly and effectively.

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How Mitel Is Transforming Customer Experience With Call Center Artificial Intelligence


Unlock the next-generation benefits of a Google Cloud Contact Center AI-powered agent assistant. Mitel Agent Assist is an extension to Mitel Virtual Agent that monitors and analyses the conversation between a customer and the virtual agent.

When the virtual agent can’t respond to a particular question, the AI is smart enough to bring in a live agent to the conversation, as well as provide the agent with the conversation’s history. Agent Assist then continues to monitor the conversation and delivers real-time suggested responses to the agent so they don’t have to spend time searching for answers themselves.

Mitel Virtual Agent and Agent Assist provide consistent customer experiences by providing the same responses to repeated inquiries, which are sanctioned by the company and compliant with legal requirements. Agent Assist is great for training new agents and providing an extra, personalized touch to the customer journey.


Bring a self-service experience to your customer journey with Mitel Virtual Agent, the Google Cloud Contact Center AI-powered tool that works in conjunction with the Mitel MiContact Center Business platform. You’ll tailor customer interactions to an individual’s unique needs through a chatbot that handles questions quickly and efficiently, regardless of what device a customer may be using.

By providing an automated request handling virtual agent and minimizing the time a customer may need with a live agent, Mitel Virtual Agent can help your company deliver conversational self-service experiences and be more productive in the process.

MiContact Center Business

Power customer-centric interactions through an omnichannel customer experience platform from a private cloud call center with MiContact Center Business.

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