Alarming and Mass Notification Solutions for Retail

A key feature of your business should be prioritizing the safety and well-being of your employees. Maximizing your staff's safety with the support of an alarming and mass notification system that notifies everyone on-site of hazardous situations is a security game-changer. Create a safe environment for your staff to focus on supporting customers throughout their shopping journey.
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Finding a Balance Between Efficiency and Safety

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Maximize safety while making your operational staff’s daily work and communications as easy and seamless as possible with our Unified Communications solution.



  • When it Comes to Safety, Seconds Matter

    Mitel Retail Alarming and Mass Notifications Solution empowers you to keep your staff well-informed in critical and non-critical situations through various communication options, including real-time mass notifications, voice calls, email, SMS, chat, and instant messaging. Geofencing technology enhances safety by providing location-based alerts and limiting unique property requirements, as well as including man-down function. Its scalability allows for comprehensive coverage, spanning in-store areas, back offices and warehouses, ensuring maximum preparedness and security during emergencies. 
  • Multipurpose Devices – Mobility for Business

    Retail staff is constantly on the move; it’s crucial for them always to stay reachable wherever they are.
    Mitel offers a comprehensive range of wireless SIP-DECT devices for enhancing communication and safety among your retail staff, providing them with mobile devices designed for swift action. These robust devices allow staff to send and receive emergency notifications with a single click. The 700 SIP-DECT series featuring a multifunction alarm button, including man-down and no-movement alerts, not only allows your employees to send a notification but can automatically trigger notifications if an employee loses consciousness.
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