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In today’s world, customers are looking for a fast-paced, more unified, and personalized shopping experience, which is the key to maintaining ultimate customer loyalty, brand awareness and elevating their shopping journey. Maximize your staff’s ability to assist customers and satisfy their demands with the help of technology, so your staff can focus on supporting customers throughout their shopping journey.
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Finding a Balance Between Efficiency and Integrated Communications

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Maximize your staff’s ability to assist customers and satisfy their demands with the help of technology.



  • The Right Solution that Fits Your Store Needs

    Offering the best customer experience is crucial, whether it’s a department store or a smaller store. Finding the right solution that meets your needs and budget can be challenging when you are a smaller store with limited services. The various SIP-DECT devices, allow you to do many different jobs through one multipurpose device while also reducing costs. Choose the one that supports your business needs with a price tag that also fits your budget.
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  • Free Your Staff’s Busy Schedules

    Elevate your customer shopping journey with our user-friendly Mitel Omnichannel options that offer real-time interactions, all while optimizing your staff's efficiency. Whether you prefer starting from our ready-to-use templates or crafting your own automated workflows, our platforms simplify the handling of daily customer inquiries and requests. Enhance your customer journeys and keep employees productive and engaged with Mitel’s enterprise-grade, omnichannel customer experience management platform. Give customers the freedom to engage with bots and human agents to provide consistent customer experience across all media, throughout the entire customer journey.
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    Seamless Integration with Your CRM Applications

    When it comes to seamless communication solutions, different stores might have different needs but even within franchised stores, staff might have different operational needs. That is why Mitel offers a comprehensive range of devices and applications to ensure seamless communication within your property and beyond. Mitel Retail Solutions seamlessly integrates with your CRM / ERP applications that drive your business strategy and workflows. Embed communications for outbound notifications and communications for customer requests and faster operation on the site to deliver high-quality customer service.
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