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The Benefits of Telecommuting via Rich Unified Communications

Telecommuting is a process in which a person works for a company from their home. In most cases, the company provides a computer, extra phone line, and Internet connection to the employee at the employee's house. The company is also expected to provide other materials, such as office supplies and any mailing supplies the employee may need. Despite the operating costs associated with telecommuting, employees and companies are both finding the arrangement to be beneficial. There are financial benefits to telecommuting, and companies are also finding that there are increases in morale as well as employee productivity. The list of benefits for telecommuting for both employees and companies should stand as an argument in favor of this increasingly popular work arrangement.

Telecommuting is good for the employee and the company because it encourages environmentally friendly practices. When a company allows employees to telecommute, those employees are no longer driving to work and adding harmful exhaust fumes to the environment. Telecommuting also reduces how much energy the company has to burn to provide a work environment for employees, which also helps the environment.

When a company utilizes telecommuting, it is a benefit because it can make recruiting more successful. An employee who is choosing between two companies may decide that the telecommuting feature makes a company more appealing. It is extremely difficult to find good employees, and telecommuting offers an edge that a company can exploit to create a stronger staff.

From a company's standpoint, telecommuting saves money on the costs of doing business, such as office space rent and utilities. The company can reduce the amount of office space it utilizes, and it can even make money by leasing its unused office space out to other companies. When a company allows telecommuting, it reduces its consumption of power, water, and heating resources considerably.

A company that utilizes telecommuting is not limited in its ability to hire quality employees. One of the tools that a company can use to make its telecommuting policy successful is cloud computing. A cloud network is something that employees can access over the Internet from anywhere in the world. A cloud computer network and a cloud VoIP phone system would make the telecommuting arrangement seamless to the company, the employee, and the customers. Cloud computing allows companies to turn an employee's home into a satellite office with ease, and that means that company employees can work from anywhere in the world.

On a personal level, employees benefit from telecommuting because it allows them to handle their personal issues without interfering with their work. For example, if the family car is in the shop, that does not mean that the employee will have to miss work. If an employee needs 10 minutes to pick up their children from school, then that can easily be handled with a telecommuting arrangement. A telecommuting employee can also choose to take care of their child at home instead of spending money on day-care services.

High morale is a telecommuting benefit that works for the company and its employees. The company will see higher productivity and lower turnover when it utilizes telecommuting. The employee will enjoy working from home and develop a strong sense of loyalty to the company. Employees always prefer to work for companies that make their jobs enjoyable, and that is what telecommuting can do.

Telecommuting reduces the stress that is caused by office politics. This is another feature that is beneficial to the company and the employee. The company suffers when rumors and conflict occur because of employee contact, and most employees prefer to work in an environment that is Since the employees know that they do not have to physically work together in the same office, it can significantly reduce the issues caused by office politics.

When an employee works from home, it reduces the need to call into work when they are sick. The company benefits from an increase in employee availability, and the employee benefits by being able to retain sick days. Telecommuting allows companies to create a more flexible benefits program that can either reduce the number of available sick days or allow them to be used in different ways.

More and more companies are turning to telecommuting because it adds more revenue to the bottom line. Telecommuting increases morale,, decreases employee turnover, and improves productivity. It also lowers the cost of doing business for the company and brings a large return on investment. By using the right tools, a company can create a telecommuting program that is extremely successful and beneficial to the company and the employee.

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