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Valerie Habraken

My name is Valerie Habraken, and I'm senior technical consultant contractor consultant integration services. Well, the first part in being able to really improved customer experiences and customer experience. You know, a lot of times I'll talk about with my clients that have journey mapping to figure out on a specific interaction, what the sequence was and where they can work out improvements, but another key element that you can do is to get some feedback directly from your customers through surveys. There's a few different types of models for surveys, whether you're trying to get a satisfaction score or net promoter score. I personally like a blend of the two of them that is still respectful of the response time doesn't take too long to go through a survey that we make sure that we ask for specific feedback about how we could improve. And then more than just ask people, that we act on so that we put into change policies around, it's picked up. When you're doing the survey. You have a lot of options we do a post call survey so students the survey. But in a lot of environments when cold call doesn't always make sense. Crisis lines or any kind of interaction. Maybe we can do an outbound dialer to targeted people, or we can do an SMS, as well. Keeping a brief asking only one or two questions around, you know, would you recommend you, and how could you write, simple short concise survey and get you a lot of songs. .

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