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Tips, Tricks, & Best Practices for Working Remotely

A collection of the wisdom we've collected on remote working and working from home.



5 Tips for Remote Working [Infographic]

Remote working isn't a new concept and businesses are slowly adapting and realizing that employees should have the flexibility to work from wherever they need to. It's a positive move, for the business and your employees alike, so that it can always be business as usual—regardless of where everyone is located.

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How to Regain Your Balance When Work and Life Collide

Many of us have worked from home, at least on an occasional basis. But few were prepared to transition from in-office to remote work as abruptly as we did during the spread of COVID-19. Yet, here we are: the pandemic has thrust us into a situation that's proving to be much more challenging than anyone expected. To help our customers and partners deal with isolation, work-life balance and productivity, we've gathered our best advice.

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5 Survival Tactics for Single Parents Working from Home with Kids

Since becoming a single parent of three kids (now aged 14, 10 and 6) several years ago, I've developed a lot of experience in working from home with them. In the past several months, I've often been asked how I'm handling it on my own. Here are some of the principles I've found are helping me manage things better during the pandemic.

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Everything You Need to Know While Working from Home

Remote working can be a difficult transition, especially for individuals who are used to an office atmosphere, and productivity can certainly see a dip as they navigate a new setup. However, it also means shorter commutes (or none at all!) and more flexibility. With the right tools in place and knowledge of best practices, telecommuting to work can be made easy and maybe even increase productivity. Here's a roundup of remote working best practices, sure to help your team make the most of staying at home. 

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How to Organize a Home Office for Productivity

For many modern professionals, remote working is nothing new, but COVID-19 has changed working from home from novelty to necessity. Remote work can take some adjusting to, and these tips on how to organize a home office for productivity will help you make the most out of your home office.  

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Ground Zero Starting a New Job in the COVID Era

Today's new hires start work in dramatically unusual circumstances. In the middle of a pandemic, they step into their new role and company virtually–from their home office, not through the corporate lobby. Instead of an in-person welcome from HR and handshakes with their team, they start off by sitting in front of their computer, with their family just a few steps away. This extraordinary process can be both daunting and gratifying. To succeed, these onboarding strategies must be designed specifically for the remote work environment. HR should consider how it can adapt—and improve upon—steps that previously occurred face-to-face. According to employees themselves, these are the keys to tailoring the onboarding experience for the world of remote work.

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