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Smart Workspaces

Smart workspaces are the future of business. They’ll help you attract and retain top talent and improve productivity, make better decisions in less time and consistently meet the demands of today’s business environment by creating modern and connected ecosystems that are accessible from anywhere.

To be smart, a workspace needs more than unified communications. It demands a suite of robust collaboration tools that support flexibility, mobility and real-time communication. With the right collaboration software from Mitel your employees will have the tools they need to succeed available to them regardless of location.


What is a Mitel Smart Workspace?

Mitel offers collaboration software that’s built on a robust unified communications platform. Our tools keep your employees connected and flexible, so they can share information and ideas via voice, video and instant messaging on any device.

MiCollab, for instance, provides everything you need in a single application for voice, video, messaging, presence, audio conferencing, mobility and collaboration. By taking advantage of a single experience across multiple devices, your employees can collaborate anywhere, any time.

MiTeam unlocks your team’s potential by breaking down silos and improving productivity. How? By making it easier to stay on top of projects, quickly find information and make more informed decisions in less time.


How Mitel Makes the Digital Workspace Transformation Work

Mitel’s collaboration software supports smart workspaces by providing a robust set of tools and features that keep your employees mobile, responsive and connected. These include:

  • A single application for voice, video, messaging, audio conferencing and more.
  • Mobile-first design.
  • Real-time voice and video calling.
  • Calendar and Outlook integration.
  • Tap-to-connect team meetings.
  • Persistent collaborative workspaces.
  • Audio conferencing and web sharing.
  • Single number reach.
  • Individual and group chat.
  • File and screen sharing.
  • Secure remote access.
  • Multi-region and multi-language support.


Featured Verticals

Hospitality: To ensure your guests enjoy a top-notch experience, your employees are constantly on the move. They must be accessible at all times to create the superior level of service that keeps customers coming back time and time again.

Healthcare: Sick patients can’t afford to wait. When time is of the essence, real-time communication and collaboration are a matter of life or death. Give your staff the tools and technology it needs to provide the highest level of care from anywhere within their healthcare facility.

Sports & Entertainment: Fans are demanding. Create a VIP stadium and venue environment that keeps them coming back game after game with a stellar customer experience. Mitel’s solutions will keep your staff connected and able to respond to your customers’ requests quickly and efficiently. Instant, mobile connectivity is a winning tool that will have both your fans and employees cheering.

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