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VoIP for Education

As technology continues to dominate our global society, the learning environment—from kindergarten to college—is being radically transformed. Like businesses, schools are placing a premium on communication and collaboration, both in the classroom and the community. Yet, the financial resources needed to support these efforts are in chronic short supply. Switching your school phone system to a hosted VoIP solution can go a long way toward helping you adapt and evolve.

Hosted VoIP makes sense


Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) is a communications technology in which voice calls, as well as video and data, are transmitted over the internet, instead of the publicly switched telephone network (PSTN). In a hosted VoIP solution, all hardware and software needed to run your school communication system is located off-site where it is owned and maintained by a third-party provider.

As an IP-based technology, VoIP eliminates the need for a separate voice network. All that is required is a high-speed broadband connection and IP-enabled phones or devices. It also gives administrators and teachers access to a wide variety of applications and tools for better network management and more productive collaboration.

With educational demands expanding and budgets contracting, VoIP is quickly gaining traction among schools at all levels. The biggest drivers of this trend include:

  • Increasing availability of high-capacity bandwidth
  • Phasing out of E-rate funding for the cost of voice-related services in schools and libraries
  • Advanced communication, collaboration and productivity capabilities available only with VoIP


    As school districts become responsible for the entire cost of their voice-related services by 2019, they will be looking to provide these services as efficiently as possible. John Harrington, CEO Funds For Learning

    Improve parent outcomes
    Responsive and real-time communication between parents and school staff is critical to achieving successful outcomes. Today’s full-featured VoIP phone systems for provide faster and more accurate call routing and handling. So parents can communicate with teachers and staff who are constantly on the move. For public-facing staff, the results are greater productivity and more effective student interactions.
    Increase administrative and educational collaboration
    Entire districts are better connected with IP-based school communication systems. Collaboration tools like voice and video conferencing support intra-district planning, help improve resource allocation and provide a creative forum where educators can share and collaborate. The technology supports any phone or computer operating system, regardless of device.
    Support a safety first environment
    During emergencies, schools with VoIP can to communicate instantly with students and parents via voice or text messages. It also supports enhanced 911 (E-911) service to pinpoint an individual’s location. This is especially important at larger high school and college campuses where students may be spread out among multiple buildings.
    Do more with less
    Schools of all levels and sizes are now using our VoIP for education solutions to realize bottom line cost savings across the board.

    • Eliminate maintenance costs on aging PSTN network
    • Consolidate voice, data and video to a single network
    • Eliminate monthly per line/extension fees
    • Reduce technical staff requirements
    • Allow schools and campuses to share services at a much lower per unit cost

    Education begins with communication


    Easy to adopt, deploy and scale, VoIP for education from Mitel helps you support a more connected and collaborative learning environment while delivering the savings you need to meet today’s tight budgets.

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