Industry analysts have furiously covered the modern workplace, the hybrid work model, and unified communications (UC) during the first half of 2022. An essential element of the analyst reports is how Mitel fits the big picture.

Check out my favorite quotes from industry analysts.

Bob O’Donnell, President, Founder, and Chief Analyst, TECHnalysis 

“Companies like Mitel, who have been building business-focused telephony products and services for nearly 50 years certainly know it as well. They’ve seen their customers’ needs evolve during the pandemic and have had to accelerate efforts like their move to hybrid and cloud-based offerings from traditional on-premises solutions. In fact, the pandemic has provided Mitel with a significant opportunity to help customers quickly modernize their solutions to deliver the flexibility they need to support remote employees and other types of hybrid work environments.” 

Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst, ZK Research
“Communications vendor Mitel, understanding that business straddles both on-prem and the cloud, is delivering new edge capabilities and developing cloud partners. Mitel has been one of, if not the most, innovative vendors of the past few decades. It was the first to introduce a remote worker VPN phone, was the first “traditional” vendor to embrace the shift to IP, and was the first to partner with Microsoft in UC.“

“While the growth is in public cloud, the combined industry is massive, and these transitions take a long time. The distributed cloud model will have a profound impact on communications, particularly in voice and video, as it moves those workloads much closer to the user, enabling several new capabilities. This is a good move for Mitel as, in the words of the esteemed Wayne Gretzky, it’s important to skate to where the puck is going to be rather than where it is now." 

Daniel Newman, Principal Analyst and Founding Partner, Futurum Research

“Over the last few months, Mitel has had a steady upward growth trajectory. Since its expanded partnership with RingCentral was announced in November, the organization has been hyper-focused on meeting the needs of new and existing customers. Recently the organization hinted at more plans to invest in unified communications products and programs that will continue to aid in customer success.”

“Meeting customers where they are, serving their needs now, and working to help them futureproof against the future is where the company is focused, so it’s no surprise that this was one of the first announcements to meet those criteria. And I’m sure it won’t be the last that we see this year.”

Anurag Agrawal, Founder, and Chief Global Analyst, TechAisle

“Mitel has the right strategy: a strategy built on flexibility and choice to serve changing needs, with products that can be deployed alongside the customers’ current and future portfolio of IT products and services. Mitel has been very astute in partnering with RingCentral to offer cloud-based UCaaS solutions. At the same time, Mitel itself focuses on the on-prem, private cloud, and hybrid communications offerings.” 

“Mitel’s overall philosophy for UC product innovation is enabling customers to deploy what they want and purchase solutions how they want. A key differentiator of Mitel’s has been its belief that one size does not fit all. Mitel is well-positioned to support on-prem, private, and public cloud unified communications solutions.”

“Hospitality is one of the many verticals that Mitel excels in. Manufacturing, retail, healthcare, media, and entertainment are some of the other verticals where Mitel has been showing considerable growth. Mitel is well-positioned to support the needs of firms of all sizes.”

Oru Mohiuddin, Research Manager in European Enterprise Communications and Collaboration, IDC

In IDC’s report, Mitel Focuses on Modernizing UC that Goes Beyond UCaaS, Oru shared several vital insights into our focus on UC. You can read my top five takeaways from that report, but here are a few quotes that stuck out to me.

“Mitel has rightly identified the market dynamics and the underlying opportunities it provides UC vendors. Mitel is among the key leaders in on-premises and private cloud UC infrastructure and has cloud-based collaboration and communication applications.” 

“Mitel’s focus on modernizing UC and customer lifecycle management is compelling and differentiating.”

“Mitel's new innovations and launches are promising, including data analytics, which are easy to navigate and digest.”

“Mitel is engaging closely with partners to make its strategy a success. Achieving success in unified collaboration and communication can hardly be achieved without the support of the partner community.”

It has been great to see recognition of Mitel’s position in the market by the leading members of the global analyst community. I’m optimistic that we will continue this momentum as Mitel leads and evolves in the hybrid work environment. Stay tuned for more!

Virve Virtanen

VP, Analyst Relations and Competitive Intelligence

Virve Virtanen joined Mitel in 2021 as vice president, analyst relations and competitive intelligence. Virve has rich communications experience garnered from analyst relations leadership roles at companies including Poly, Mapbox, Microsoft, and Nokia. In her position as the leader of Mitel’s analyst relations and market intelligence initiatives, Virve helps expand the company’s efforts to closely engage with analysts around the world about Mitel’s strategy, opportunities, and momentum.

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