5 Tips for Effective Communication in the Hotel Industry

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Dean CLark

Dean Clark | January 02, 2023

The success of virtually any business depends on the level of customer satisfaction it can provide. In the hotel industry, this statement rings especially true.

Poor communication between management and staff can hugely impact the quality of the customer service provided. When the competition is fierce and audiences expect increasingly high standards of customer care and attention to detail, providing a bad experience is likely to result in unhappy hotel guests, bad reviews, and declining profits. Thankfully, there are five simple steps every hotelier can take to prevent this from happening.

5 Best Practices for Effective Communication in the Hotel Industry

As is often the case, enhanced customer service in the hotel industry begins with rethinking existing communication tools. At times, upgrading the IT and cloud environment is all a hotel needs to improve efficiency and collaboration in the workplace. Below, we have gathered the five best tips for smoother and more effective communication in the hotel industry.

  1. Do without outdated systems: Ineffective communication technology such as radio often comes at the expense of privacy, data protection, and voice quality.
  2. Opt for modern communication tools: Modern solutions are optimised to streamline communication across different channels so that information can reach the desk and non-desk staff alike. This, of course, results in enhanced customer care.
  3. Leverage multi-channel solutions: Hotel communication is at its most effective when streamlined across a broad range of channels. This approach brings more significant results in terms of message reinforcement and retention.
  4. Be timely: In the hotel industry, timely communication is necessary. It is too easy for relevant data to slip through the track in a fast-paced environment and severely affect customer care standards.
  5. Build on existing infrastructure: Rather than redesigning their entire communication infrastructure, hotels should work on building and integrating practical collaboration tools that are compatible with Microsoft Teams and Salesforce, among others.

Becoming Future-Ready

The future of the hotel industry depends on its ability to adapt and provide consistently high standards of customer care and attention to detail. At Mitel, we are committed to bringing you only the most effective collaboration tools that swiftly adapt to your business’s individual needs.

Do not hesitate to contact Mitel if you want to know all about effectively leveraging for your business growth.

Dean CLark

Dean ClarkUK Territory Account Manager

Dean is an experienced hospitality consultant with over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He specialises in developing and executing strategies that improve performance and guest experience and increase profits through UC and CX technology. Dean has worked with some of the largest names in the industry globally and continues to drive innovation through partnerships and the Mitel portfolio.

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