8 Business Communications Resolutions for a Successful 2023

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January 10, 2023

‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions – and here at Mitel, we know how vital the turn of the new year is for organizations. With many businesses operating in a hybrid model and customers expecting digital interactions, effective communications will be challenging for some. But it also will be the secret to success for those who get it right.

With modern technology in place, you can elevate your business communications. Check out our New Year’s communications resolutions to get 2023 started right. We’ve broken them down into internal and external communications to help you create an engaging experience for both employees and customers.

Internal Resolutions: Engage Employees

1. Simplify collaboration

In this modern era of remote and hybrid work, collaboration has never been more critical. Enterprise collaboration software makes teamwork simple. Features like collaborative workspaces, team chat, and video conferencing can be accessed from any device, supporting remote, in-office, and traveling employees. Collaboration comes naturally when sharing ideas, notes, and files can be accomplished with a click.

2. Make hybrid easy

A primary challenge with a hybrid workforce is ensuring everyone has access to the right information and people, regardless of location. Video conferencing and desktop sharing are ways collaboration software overcome the physical boundaries of a hybrid workforce. Easy access to chat and group messaging from a mobile app keeps colleagues connected even if they’re moving between office locations. Armed with the right tools, hybrid workers will happily hum along in the new year.

3. Create an all-in-one experience

Navigating between different applications, video conferencing platforms, and internal communications products can make the workday more stressful (and less productive). A collaboration software and tools platform like MiCollab simplifies the day-to-day experience, serving as a one-stop-shop for your team’s communications needs. A single application for voice, video, messaging, presence, audio conferencing, mobility, and team collaboration puts an end to flipping between applications and puts a smile on employees’ faces.

4. Make meetings matter

Who wouldn’t want fewer meetings? When meetings are well-organized and productive, you simply don’t need as many of them. The right tools can get your meetings on track. Calendar integrations make it easy to schedule appointments in advance and ensure everyone is available. Multi-pane viewing makes everyone feel present, while the ability to grant centerstage to presenters keeps the focus where it should be. Additional features like whiteboarding ideas in real-time and persistent chat logs keep the discussion going without losing track of meaningful talks.

External Resolutions: Care for Customers

1. Improve your omnichannel interactions

In the digital world, customers want to interact with your business across their chosen channels – chat, SMS, social media, or voice. They also want to move seamlessly between channels without losing any information they’ve already shared. A customer experience management platform that supports omnichannel communications gives customers the freedom they want and provides a consistent experience at every step of their journey. This level of customer service can increase customer satisfaction scores, improve first contact resolution rates, and lower customer effort scores – you can improve them all in 2023.

2. Deliver stellar service

In addition to omnichannel communications, customers want fast, straightforward service. Sometimes they don’t even want to interact with a human. But when they do, they want the right person – right away. They don’t want to be transferred from one person to another. Contact center technology that includes voice, chat, SMS, email, fax, interactive voice response (IVR), automated chatbots, and third-party media gives customers plenty of choices. Built-in workforce scheduling and queue performance let managers adjust shifts and provide the training needed to reduce wait times and improve the overall level of service.

3. Leverage a “single pane of glass” view

With customers contacting you across various channels, the last thing you want is for it to slow your contact center agents down. A “single pane of glass” view lets agents handle phone, email, chat, SMS, and social media through a unified web-based desktop or directly within the CRM. With fewer applications to switch between, agents can handle communications more efficiently and provide prompt service.

4. Amp it up with advanced AI

AI-powered chatbots add another touchpoint for customers to interact with you and keep the communications channels open 24/7. Chatbots built on AI converse naturally with customers and can offer solutions such as providing links to resources, basic information, and real-time solutions to problems. Simple customer queries are resolved faster without human intervention, and human agents can focus on more complicated issues. AI technology can also assist human agents by serving up helpful articles in real-time so that they can deliver a higher level of service.

From internal team collaboration to stellar customer service experiences, the new year is the perfect time to invest in modern communications technology. Ring in the new year with Mitel and get the tools and support you need to succeed today and grow tomorrow.

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