Blog: Cloud adoption as viewed by European Companies - Basic and advanced functions are part of a whole


Blog: Basic and advanced functions are part of a whole

The first lesson to be drawn from the survey is that respondents naturally associate the basic functions of unified communications systems with a reputable UCaaS solution. Status/presence indicators, instant messaging and video calls are among the core functions that are fundamental for work, according to nearly nine out of ten respondents. This proportion is fairly similar for respondents in all countries surveyed.

Beyond this range of functions that mass market applications have made readily available, 41% of companies expect a UCaaS solution to offer them solutions for more specific needs, inherent to the business world.

These include, for example, services such as audio and/or video conferencing, advanced collaborative tools (by team, by project) and screen sharing tools.
The figure of 41% marks a large divergence between countries. However, respondents in Italy show the greatest interest in these advanced services, at 63%, followed by Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands, with a proportion some ten points lower.

Lastly, the reliability of voice communications is no longer as much an issue as it was two years ago; 27% of respondents mention it, compared to roughly 38% in the previous survey.


The results of this survey can be downloaded here.

Didier Lambert

Marketing Operations

Fond of innovation and new usages, Didier specializes in new technologies marketing and new communication channels. He's worked on sales, marketing and business intelligence teams of large French companies and created his own consulting business. In 2011, he joined Mitel as a field marketing manager, and he also runs the Mitel Consultant Liaison Program for France and manages the French Mitel User Group relationships.

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