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Topic: Business Phones

April 25, 2024

Mitel Phone Innovations: A Half-Century of Telecommunication Milestones

Discover Mitel's 50-year telephone industry journey, from circuit boards to collaboration tools, impacting healthcare, education, hospitality, and future telecom trends.

Business Phones

March 25, 2024

Are Desk Phones Still Relevant in Today’s Communication Ecosystem?

As soft clients and mobile phones move in as the primary communication experiences in organizations, does the desk phone still have a place?

Business Phones

January 22, 2024

WATCH: Enhance Building Security from Your Desk Phone with Mitel Access Control

Explore how Mitel Access Control revolutionizes building security by seamlessly integrating security cameras with our MiVoice Business unified communications platform. 

Business Phones

January 08, 2024

5 Essential Business Phone Headset Etiquette Rules for Work

Basic headset etiquette is important for a well-functioning workplace. Check out these 5 essential business phone headset etiquette rules for work.

Business Phones

April 26, 2023

How to Clean Your Phone

How many bacteria are on your device? Find out this and how to clean and disinfect your desk phone with our step-by-step guide.

Business Phones

October 11, 2022

5 Reasons Why MiVoice Business is the Ideal Foundation for Effective Collaboration

Here are 5 reasons why voice — and the collaboration applications it enables — have become increasingly business-critical, and your organization’s specific needs will influence the voice platform you purchase.

Business Phones

May 10, 2022

Using your Mitel 6900 Phones on RingCentral MVP

Mitel customers' 6900 phones are now certified to work with RingCentral MVP, and provide great investment protection.

Business Phones

July 09, 2020

Make 2020 the Year of the Upgrade with MiVoice Connect

Simple or complex, the key takeaway is that 2020 is your year to migrate to MiVoice Connect. The path isn't a long one, but it is an important one.

Business Phones

June 10, 2020

10 Ways MiVoice Connect Makes Your Job Easier

Is your VoIP business phone system making your job easier? With easy-to-use collaboration tools and communications all in one place, MiCloud Connect simplifies the way you do your job. Here are 10 ways MiCloud Connect makes your job easier.

Business Phones

March 28, 2019

Effective Communications & Collaboration in Baseball: Take It From A Former MLB Pitcher

Former Kansas City Royals baseball pitcher Jimmy Serrano leverages his firsthand experience to describe the communication that occurs in a typical baseball game and the pivotal role technology plays.

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