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Topic: Security & Compliance

June 19, 2024

Why On-Premises UC Is Vital for Healthcare Organizations

On-premises UC is the heart of communications for many healthcare organizations, combining security and stability with modern flexibility and features.


January 17, 2024

Navigating Communication Compliance in Healthcare

Explore how healthcare communication compliance in the post-pandemic era impacts patient trust, operational complexities, and the role of technologies in ensuring compliance.

Security & Compliance

November 28, 2023

Protect Insurance Customers and Data with Advanced Unified Communications Security

Discover how the insurance industry addresses cybersecurity challenges with advanced unified communication tools that help secure customer interactions, safeguard data, and ensure privacy.

Security & Compliance

October 03, 2023

Transforming the Healthcare Experience with Emerging Technologies

The digital transformation is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Emerging technology paves the way for providers to improve the patient experience.

UK Martyns Law Mitel Mass Notification thumb
Security & Compliance

September 25, 2023

How Martyn's Law and Mass Notification Technology Can Enhance Venue Security

Discover how Martyn's Law impacts entertainment venue security in the UK and learn how mass notification technology can assist in complying with its requirements.

Security & Compliance

September 06, 2023

How Compliance Safeguards Financial Services Communications

Discover the crucial compliance regulations impacting modern customer communication in the financial sector from ASC Technologies. 


July 17, 2023

Improve Patient Privacy with Secure Healthcare Communication Solutions

What are the benefits of reliable and HIPAA-compliant messaging to ensure the privacy and security of patient data? We examine what makes up the best secure healthcare communication solution.

Security & Compliance

April 04, 2023

Another Softphone Security Breach Shows the Importance of Software Assurance

The truth is that even the best software assurance can’t guarantee you’ll never be attacked. What it can do is make sure you’re prepared and fully supported so that security attacks are deflected or mitigated before they negatively impact your business.

Security & Compliance

March 28, 2023

What to Know About Communications Security in the Age of AI

As artificial intelligence and unified communications blend, organizations gain an extremely powerful set of tools. But security is still a main priority.

Remote & Hybrid Working

January 05, 2023

11 Cybersecurity Tips and Best Practices for Remote and Hybrid Workers

As the number of remote teams and a hybrid workforce increases, so have the risks of security breaches. Here are 11 ways teams can implement cybersecurity practices to enjoy the benefits of remote and hybrid work without the dark cloud of a security breach looming overhead.

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