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Topic: TCO & Cost Optimization

February 14, 2024

Sourcewell vs. RFP: Two Ways to Buy a Phone System

The RFP has long been the primary way of making large technology purchases for government, education, and nonprofit agencies. Here’s why Sourcewell might be a better option.

Product News

November 15, 2023

5 Subscription Myths Debunked

We address 5 common myths about subscription models so businesses can make decisions with confidence.

Productivity & Efficiency

March 22, 2023

How Chatbots Save SMBs Valuable Time, Money and Resources

Here's how chatbots are poised to help save small and mid-sized businesses valuable time, money, and resources so they can compete with enterprises.

TCO & Cost Optimization

March 13, 2023

Reduce Business Costs with the Four “A”s of Unified Communications Technology

The cost of doing business is rising, but the four As of unified communications technology can reduce inefficiency and increase satisfaction.

TCO & Cost Optimization

April 25, 2022

Why More CFOs Are Shifting IT Investment from CapEx to OpEx

While CFOs traditionally preferred CapEx due to amortization and depreciation advantages, new lines of thought are leading CFOs to start turning toward OpEx for certain IT expenditures. Find out why.

Enterprise Communications

December 09, 2020


Strategic business thinking is all about leverage. To gain a competitive advantage in the market, successful businesses make strategic decisions about how best to capitalize on their strengths. Market success is contingent on the ability to leverage resources, assets and a workforce to create value for customers. Leveraged properly, these elements deliver a big return on investment. The same strategic approach can be applied to communications systems. There is an almost infinite number of technology options available on the road to a fully optimized platform that can be leveraged effectively.

TCO & Cost Optimization

September 01, 2020

Mitel Ranks Best in Value by Eastern Management Group

Uncertain times call for greater prudence when making financial decisions. Read on to find out why Mitel was recognized as a valuable choice in business communications.

Customer Experience

June 18, 2019

Turning Customer Journeys Into Profitable Ventures

Optimizing your contact center for the customer experience is the key to building loyalty and increasing profits. Here is how to get started.

Untapped Potential in Retail
Customer Experience

March 20, 2019

Untapped Potential in Retail: Are Concerns About The 3 S’s Holding You Back?

Many businesses have tremendous untapped potential to improve customer experience, productivity and more by leveraging the right communications technology, but let their worries and existing solutions get in the way.

TCO & Cost Optimization

February 11, 2019

How to Convince the CFO to Invest in Unified Communications

Global adoption and spending on UC is increasing, but managers must still demonstrate to CFOs why UC is the best technology to help accomplish key business goals.

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