The past two years have marked a before and after in the world of business communications. On a global scale, organisations across the spectrum have undergone radical changes in their infrastructure, particularly, high-stakes industries such as healthcare. The industry as a whole has dealt with increased volumes of patients, massive shifts, changes to protocols, all amidst incredible challenges that required quick delivery in solutions.

Along with developing action plans to ensure seamless internal and external communication between staff and patients, decision-makers in the field have expressed their concerns with regards to cybersecurity and resource optimisation. As a result, clinical facilities around the world are actively working towards a shift to cloud computing or a hybrid model

A hybrid cloud model is one that combines a private cloud with one or more public cloud services. In this environment, communication is handled by a proprietary software connecting each service. A hybrid cloud strategy can be useful to those clinical facilities requiring greater flexibility as it moves workloads across cloud solutions on a per-need basis.

The Advantages of Leveraging Cloud-Based Communication

There is no shortage of ways cloud-based communication can support the healthcare sector. Thanks to cutting-edge solutions specifically designed with the industry’s needs in mind, cloud computing has the power to improve the whole healthcare experience for employees and patients alike.

As well as facilitating patient engagement, cloud-based tools can considerably enhance communication between teams and boost productivity - in turn helping to deliver the best possible care and, in many cases, even help save lives.

Because hospitals and other healthcare facilities remain among the biggest targets of increasingly sophisticated threats, cloud-based solutions can also be leveraged to protect sensitive data through encryptions across all systems and devices.

Choosing The Best Cloud-based Tools For Your Healthcare Organisation

In a sea of options, making an educated decision whilst adopting cloud-based communication is crucial to obtaining the desired outcome. Seeking expert advice is the first and most necessary step in the process.

Whether you opt for a public, private, or hybrid solution will be up to your business’s individual needs. Notwithstanding and regardless of specific circumstances, clinical facilities should invest in private, secure, and scalable cloud technology allowing for the fast and secure exchange of critical information between all parties.

As global leaders in business communications boasting over two billion connections over our cloud from nearly 100 countries, at Mitel we are committed to delivering the best cloud-based communication tools for your healthcare facility. Along with next-gen cloud-computing solutions, we also proudly provide a wide range of Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT) handsets manufactured with BioCote® antimicrobial materials.

If you would like to receive more information on how to improve and encrypt communications between healthcare staff and patients, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with us today.

Steven Wishart

Steven Wishart

Head of Healthcare, UK

Working with the NHS for over 25 years, Steve brings a wealth of knowledge and experience delivering and advising on how communication solutions and services meet the needs of the UK’s Healthcare service. Understanding the critical demands of the NHS delivering flexible, secure, and resilient technology is at the core of Mitel’s and Steve’s vision to support our NHS and help them continue to deliver world-class patient care.

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