The contact center world is filled with opportunity, growth and the chance to meet diversifying needs. In fact, your company may be an integral part of this world without you even knowing it. There are plenty of companies—like customer interaction centers or departmental offices — that are poised to significantly benefit from today’s suite of highly advanced contact center solutions, yet they are unaware of the fact. As a result, your company could be missing out.

Worried? Don’t be. Below, we formally open the doors of the contact center world and invite you to confidently step inside.

What’s the difference between a contact center and your organization?

A call or contact center is any facility that receives or transmits a large volume of phone calls. Whether it’s inbound, outbound or a virtual call center, the traditional definition of the contact center has expanded as technology continues to evolve and sophisticate. Today, not much separates a standard service center from conducting call center operations. Call centers can range from a few customer service representatives in an organization to enterprise level businesses that maintain multiple remote or branch facilities

Why does your organization need contact center technology?

The contact center is far from what it used to be. Today, a contact center can be a small team managing internal helpdesk requests, a car dealership connecting callers to sales people, or even an elementary school office handling an influx of parental calls. If your organization handles and manages phone calls on a daily basis, then you need contact center technology that is strategically created for quickly and efficiently routing calls, spotting calling trends and building an effective overall team. Call center technology is the only way to accelerate and amplify objectives put in place by managers and decision makers of your organization—from increasing first call resolution to honing your reporting techniques.

What kind of call center technology is at my disposal?

There’s a wide spectrum of call center solutions available to help maximize your business operations. The first step in determining which technology is ideally suited for your business is determining the size and classification of your contact center. For example, is your organization a small but “full-fledged” contact center, or would you say you’re more of an entry-level organization? Or, are you an enterprise-class contact center? Establishing this leads to the end-goal: investing in the right technology to take you there.

Today’s variety of call center solutions are able to more easily cover all of the bases—from driving productivity to better streamlining operations to simplifying tool management to call bursting for handling abnormally high call volumes.

The contact center world isn’t so scary once you take that first step inside. Now it’s time to take the next step. Click here to begin exploring your contact center options with Mitel.

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