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Blog: Contact center in the Cloud: focus on customer experience

More than three quarters of respondents in the survey declare that they would be ready to use a cloud-based solution for their contact center if they had guarantees as to the level and quality of service (SLA).

Here we see the trend already observed for question 5, showing that certain historical barriers to cloud technology are gradually coming down. While the contact center is now recognized as a strategic component in building customer experience and in differentiating the company from its competitors, on average only 9% of respondents with scores ranging from 5% to 13%) consider this function to be too important to be located in the cloud. This low proportion proves that ultimately companies see no real functional difference between a traditional on-site solution and a cloud-based system. They feel that the degree of security and continuity of service can be compatible with their operational requirements.

We also suggest that this figure reflects the trend that contact centers are evolving into customer experience centers with an increasing reliance on specialized third-party modules and apps, which must be integrated. One of the advantages of the cloud is facilitating this interoperability.


The results of this survey can be downloaded here.

Here you can also find a video featuring highlights from our survey.

Didier Lambert

Marketing Operations

Fond of innovation and new usages, Didier specializes in new technologies marketing and new communication channels. He's worked on sales, marketing and business intelligence teams of large French companies and created his own consulting business. In 2011, he joined Mitel as a field marketing manager, and he also runs the Mitel Consultant Liaison Program for France and manages the French Mitel User Group relationships.

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