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The preference for a cloud and unified communications specialist, expressed by 62% of respondents, confirms the findings of the 2016 survey. The premium placed on expertise and knowledge continues to hold in a relatively new technological environment, because it allows companies to move their communications to the cloud with maximum confidence. There is no doubt that a supplier that can demonstrate recent successful deployments has a strong position when clients are making a decision.

As with the 2016 survey, we must point out significant differences from one country to another.

The proportions ranges from 71% of respondents in the United Kingdom, a country that has been familiar with VoIP technologies for longer than their continental counterparts, to 49% for Spain and 50% for Italy.

System integrations are in second place, with 29% of responses. Even if the score varies from 22% to 42%, depending on the country, this type of vendor undoubtedly ranks high in the group of suppliers with the ability to help companies migrate to the cloud.

It is also worth noting that responses mentioning Internet service providers, network infrastructure companies and local retailers are negligible (respectively 2%, 1% and 1%). They are not plotted in the graph below.

Blog: Experience and know-how at a premium


The results of this survey can be downloaded here.

Didier Lambert

Marketing Operations

Fond of innovation and new usages, Didier specializes in new technologies marketing and new communication channels. He's worked on sales, marketing and business intelligence teams of large French companies and created his own consulting business. In 2011, he joined Mitel as a field marketing manager, and he also runs the Mitel Consultant Liaison Program for France and manages the French Mitel User Group relationships.

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