The right unified communications & collaboration (UCC) partner understands that your communications technology needs to grow with your business, in ways that make sense for you. As a leader in UCC, Mitel understands how important it is to build long-term relationships with our partners as we continue to grow and expand.

Mitel is pleased to receive Frost & Sullivan's 2017 North American Growth Excellence Leadership Award. After analyzing the UCC industry for excellence in growth and customer value, superiority of products and services and overall customer, purchase, ownership and service experience offered, Frost & Sullivan identified Mitel as the winner.

The Growth Excellence Award "lauds the growth, diversification, and sustainability strategies" of the company it is bestowed upon as part of Frost & Sullivan's Best Practices awards program, which recognizes companies that demonstrate superior performance and achievement. Frost & Sullivan conducted its analysis by comparing market participants Cisco and Microsoft and measuring performance through detailed interviews, analysis and extensive secondary research.

According to Frost & Sullivan's findings, Mitel's growth strategy execution, above-market growth, growth diversification, customer purchase experience, effectiveness and delivery of a superior customer ownership experience are what have made our growth so successful.

Growth strategy execution

Deliberate, strategic growth that aligns with a company's core values is the key to successful expansion. Mitel's strategy of combining organic growth with expansion through mergers and acquisitions has allowed us to tackle changing business demands in new ways. For example, Frost & Sullivan credited us for being the first company “to help businesses and partners achieve the operational efficiencies enabled by virtualizing the full breadth of both its real-time and asynchronous communications software." Early identification of problems, leveraging existing resources and acquiring new assets allows us to provide an outstanding breadth and depth of communications solutions.

Above-market growth

The communications industry is in a state of transition as the demand for on-site technology diminishes and the demand for unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) technology grows and changes. While, according to Frost & Sullivan's analysis, many of our competitors "are simply fighting for survival," Mitel continues to grow, fueled by the acquisitions of ShoreTel and Toshiba, bringing in a broader customer base and more diverse partner ecosystem.

"Mitel has successfully leveraged acquisitions to add to its technology, partner ecosystem, and customer assets, which has given the company greater control over innovation in the important customer interaction market, created more of an end-to-end portfolio, and enabled it to compete more successfully both within and outside of its existing UCC accounts," said Robert Arnold, Principal Analyst.

Growth diversification

By delving further into the UCC market, growing our on-site UC platforms and services, mobility offerings and more, Mitel has strengthened and expanded its foothold globally. Frost & Sullivan recognized that our installed on-site PBX and UC platform customers represent more than 70 million users who can be transitioned to cloud services, a migration Mitel identified the need for early on. As Mitel grows, our focus on minimizing disruption as we merge technology, personnel and partners into our organization, sets us apart from our competitors.

Customer purchase experience effectiveness

As technology changes rapidly, the flexibility and adaptability of communications solutions becomes more important than ever. According to Frost & Sullivan's analysis, Mitel's reputation for helping customers add value to their technology investments over time and across technology evolution cycles – minimizing cost and complexity – has created a superior customer purchase experience.

"The company has focused on helping its customers migrate to newer technologies as needed, from on-premises analog, to digital, to IP systems – and now to UCaaS solutions," states the report. "As part of this, the company has assured that its endpoints and applications are forward-compatible and interoperable across its call control solutions, all of which lowers the cost and disruption for migrating customers."

Delivery of a superior customer ownership experience

Our long-tenured leadership and corporate stability amid tremendous growth have established trust in our organization among both customers and partners. While competitors in the PBX industry are experiencing "highly public financial struggles, leadership turnover, and change of ownership that leave their product and company long-term viability uncertain," according to Frost & Sullivan, Mitel continues to provide strong financial and technical resources, consistency and sustainable expansion of solutions.

Mitel's robust growth strategy has proven successful in the unified communications market, and the industry is taking notice. As Mitel expands and evolves, our focus on tackling the problems of today while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow will stay the same.

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