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To do more with less, the NHS and many private clinics delay upgrading their communications technology if their legacy system continues to function. And limited budgets and staffing shortages provide easy excuses for large hospitals and small clinics alike to continue putting off upgrades year after year.

But the emergence of innovative technology – robust cloud solutions, next-gen apps and more – provides incredible new opportunities. When leveraged strategically and cost-effectively, these technologies can help the NHS and private healthcare providers tackle challenges like the growing elderly population and the upcoming ISDN shutdown, among many others.

How Unified Communications Can Help

Investing in different solutions that don’t work together or with your existing infrastructure can be costly. For better patient care and overall performance, deploy a Unified Communications (UC) solution at your own pace that addresses multiple staff and patient needs and fully integrates with your existing system.

Ensure the solution delivers in all key areas including:

Increased staff responsiveness

Mobile collaboration apps integrated with your organisation’s telephony make staff easier to reach and collaborate with. By reducing wasted time and miscommunication, the apps enable staff to focus more on personalised patient care. In addition, you can mobilise staff and other experts in an instant if there’s an emergency with a patient.

Improved resiliency and security

A modern UC solution on a resilient network minimises system downtime and disruption, saving IT staff valuable time and effort while also keeping patient medical records more secure. This provides peace of mind and ensures your organisation complies with regulations.

Greater cost control

Maintaining obsolete equipment, finding replacement parts and staffing a large IT department to handle everything – including resolving frequent issues – is extremely expensive. The right UC solution for your unique needs, whether that’s on-site, in the cloud or a hybrid, requires much less maintenance and effort.

No matter if you’re a small private clinic or a public hospital with hundreds of scattered sites, a modern and robust UC solution enables you to provide better patient care, ensure resiliency and stay within budget. Look for a communications vendor with a long history of experience in healthcare that can help you digitally transform at pace that’s right for you.

Upgrade At Your Own Pace

Most importantly, find a provider like Mitel that lets you move at your own pace, upgrading and adding functionality gradually and cost-effectively. No need to rip and replace—and face an enormous price tag. Plus, this method is easier on your IT staff because it enables them to do their due diligence and get trained on each new technology without being overwhelmed and over-worked.

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Frederic Schilton

Product Marketing Manager, UC Solutions (EMEA)

Frédéric works in product marketing management, charged with successfully developing and executing key solution launches within the international markets. He collaborates with field marketing, global product and solution marketing and sales teams to develop campaigns and promotions supporting unified communications solutions portfolio sales and promote those solutions to the channel partners and distributors. In addition, he handles outbound marketing for the UC solutions (on-site or private cloud) portfolio of products, including designing and creating various types of technical marketing and sales collateral to support go-to-market activities.

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