Protected from the Unexpected: How Software Assurance Keeps Organizations Running

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Javier Garcia-Plata | October 18, 2022

In Part 2 of our Mitel Software Assurance (SWA) series, we’ll look at how SWA ensures the continuous operability of your Mitel communications solutions. Read up on how SWA helps protect your software from cybersecurity risks in Part 1.

Business communications solutions have become the foundation for customer and employee experiences. Should contact center software become unavailable, customer service is put on hold. Employees can’t meet, chat, or call if collaboration software fails.

Software goes down for many reasons. Bugs can be the source, but software downtime can be caused by new releases of other software in your company’s ecosystem, human error, security breaches, and other mishaps that may occur daily.

That’s why Mitel customers need software assurance. We’re continuously working to ensure your employees and operations can work 24/7, empowered by the communications software and systems Mitel provides. 

Silence Can Be Very, Very Costly

Productivity is something you can hear. Successful businesses are inherently noisy. Contact center agents are speaking with customers. Employees are on their mobile phones or participating in video meetings. 

The constant clicking of the keyboard indicates active chats are in progress. The scariest sound for a business is the absence of sound. When communications solutions become unavailable, productivity stops, and the associated silence becomes very expensive.

Mitel Blends Proactive and Reactive Support Strategies

We work to ensure continuous operability in two ways: through proactively updating software and systems and efficient support fueled by best practices and leading expertise. Let’s explore both. 

1. Continuous updates proactively prevent software and system incidents

Our network of partners and Mitel engineers are in continuous communication, using tools to monitor the real-time software issues Mitel customers face worldwide. This proactive knowledge-sharing allows our partners to gather unique intelligence early before an issue can impact customer operations. 

We’ve found that roughly 80% of the issues we detect in the field have already been solved in our latest release. This indicates that some customers’ systems have not been updated — not just with the new features and functionalities included in that release but also with the fixes that could ensure continuous operability. That is why it is so critical for Mitel customers to be protected with the value and peace of mind that SWA provides.

2. Resources at the ready for quick responses

When operations are impacted, you need a fast response to minimize downtime. Customers with Mitel SWA have guaranteed a quick reaction from their partner as their first line of defense. The ongoing software monitoring partners perform means they have real-time intelligence that can jumpstart their support efforts.

These partners are trained and certified by Mitel, so they have the expertise and additional tools they need to resolve problems efficiently. Mitel monitors the severity and time-to-resolve issues on an ongoing basis. Should a problem require further escalation, Mitel SWA allows its partners to obtain support from Mitel as a second line of defense.

Perform Your Own Cost/Benefit Analysis 

As the saying goes, “Wishful thinking is not a strategy.” Because your business relies on communications and collaboration software, expect the unexpected. You don’t want to be caught without a backup plan if your solutions should suddenly go offline. 

It pays to understand the risks a communications outage could cause for your business. Mitel offers a customizable calculator you can use to determine your potential costs. 

It also pays to understand the benefits that continuous communications deliver. Virtually all departments rely on unified communications solutions. When those solutions run uninterrupted, productive communications support the following:

  • Efficient international operations
  • Responsive customer care
  • Successful sales campaigns
  • Effective employee meetings that cultivate company culture and disseminate business-critical information
  • Brainstorming that creates the next big idea
  • Day-to-day workflows that make your business tick and increase customer trust

Keep Your Mitel SWA Renewals Up-To-Date

Every new Mitel solution is purchased with at least one year of Mitel SWA. To ensure uninterrupted support, don’t let your coverage expire. Call your Mitel Partner today to renew your coverage or find out when it expires.

Based on your equipment and the needs of your business, your organization can choose from two levels: Standard, which provides support from 8am-5pm, or Premium, which offers 24/7 coverage, and the Mitel Performance Analytics proactive monitoring tool. Protect your investment by learning more about Mitel SWA.

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Javier Garcia-PlataSenior Product Marketing Manager

Javier Garcia-Plata joined Mitel in 2022 as Senior Product Marketing Manager, bringing rich experience in customer strategy, business digitalization, and strategic new business development, leveraged in global companies including Canon, SunChemical, and Pearson. In his role as a product marketer, Javier helps to improve the experience of partners and users worldwide working with Mitel.

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