How Tech Navigates Hospitality’s 'Help Gap'

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Nazia Förster | June 20, 2023

As leisure travel returns to its pre-pandemic levels, the hospitality industry has reason to rejoice. The pent-up demand for travel has exceeded expectations, with analysts predicting a full recovery for the industry sooner than expected. As guests return, however, they’ll be greeted by more technology as part of their guest experience. With many hotels and cruise ships still facing labor shortages, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technology are used to bridge the gap between the growing demand for personalized experiences and a shrinking pool of people to deliver them.

Technology Positively Transforms Travel Experiences

Technology has always played a role in leisure and business travel, from online booking to digital room keys. With the recent advancements in AI and mobile communications, hotels, cruise ships, and other hospitality providers are facing the reality of fewer staff by replacing traditionally human-centered tasks such as guest services and contact centers with AI-powered technology. For some guests, particularly among millennials and Gen Z customers, the self-service options that AI and digital technologies provide are a welcome addition to the travel experience. But, for other guests, human interaction is integral to the experience. The challenge for hotels and hospitality providers is to find the right balance between human and digital interaction to create the optimal experience for each guest.

Some of the new technology that guests can expect include:

  • Self-sign-in kiosks at the front desk
  • Mobile apps to access guest services
  • Digital room keys stored on smartphones
  • Concierge services via AI-enabled chatbots
  • Real-time text alerts for dining reservations and valet services

Mitel Hospitality Solutions at Your Service

Good communication is the key to a great guest experience. But it’s also vital to employee experiences. The ability to communicate with colleagues and guests quickly, securely, and effectively reduces the strain on staff who may otherwise find themselves overtaxed and under-supported. With Mitel’s hospitality solutions, hotels and cruise ships can easily integrate new AI and mobile technology into their legacy systems and applications to provide guests and employees with the optimal mix of the latest and the familiar.

For office workers, Mitel solutions integrate voice, video, and text communications seamlessly with existing CRM tools, property management applications, and ticketing systems so employees can get more done with what they’ve got today. For front-desk workers, Mitel solutions integrate seamlessly with applications such as TigerTMS and PolyAI to put guest information at their fingertips for smoother check-in and check-out or to answer commonly asked questions using AI technology. Mitel solutions enable secure mobile communications between maintenance and cleaning crews for facilities staff, allowing real-time room status updates, service requests, and more. Mitel Mass Notification and alarms allow properties in an emergency to alert staff and guests on their preferred devices. And, for guests, Mitel Contact Center solutions provide instant access to amenities (restaurants, spas, sports facilities, etc.), hotel staff, and concierge services directly from their mobile devices.

Rebekah Carter said in well in UC Today: “Unified Communications (UC) solutions will allow hospitality companies to improve the connections between their team members and unlock opportunities for better customer experience and growth. No hospitality brand can afford to overlook the importance of UC.”

Navigate the Future of Hospitality with Mitel

Life in the post-pandemic world is a return to a new routine where mobile devices and digital interactions have a greater place in our lives. For the hospitality industry, making guests feel comfortable is the name of the game. Whether guests are more comfortable with digital self-service or prefer human interaction and live agents over AI agents, hotels and cruise ships must be prepared to serve both customers. At the same time, they need to ensure that their technology investments support the kind of employee experiences that help attract and retain staff.

Finding a balance between technology and teamwork has never been more critical. The pent-up demand for travel has yet to make travelers more patient. They expect personalized experiences that blend seamlessly with their increasingly digital and mobile lifestyles. The hotels and hospitality providers that unlock the right combination of technology, communication, and personalization will create those moments of delight for their guests, create satisfaction and loyalty and generate business growth. Mitel solutions help you build that brighter future for your hospitality business.

Nazia FörsterSenior Product Marketing Specialist, SMB and Hospitality

Nazia joined Mitel’s Product Marketing team in 2021. With eight years of copywriting, sales, and marketing experience in healthcare and hospitality, she currently manages the hospitality and SMB markets within the product marketing organization at Mitel. She supports her team with written and visual content creation. Nazia is multilingual and has a Master of Arts from the University of Antwerp.

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