By investing in innovative, future-proof communications technology, contact centres in every industry can boost efficiency, increase employee satisfaction and improve the customer experience dramatically.

For proof of just how much of a difference such technology can make, take BMI Healthcare. They’re the largest independent private healthcare provider in the UK with more than 2,700 beds across 60 locations. Their contact centre, known as the National Enquiry Center, has 60 medically-trained agents who handle calls from the over one million patients BMI receives each year. The agents also take calls from various hotlines, as well as regional enquiries on physiotherapy and health.

Unfortunately, their legacy communications system was outdated and limiting. On top of being difficult to use and manage, it couldn’t perform simple tasks like recording calls and generating reports on call length and other details—features that the National Enquiry Center’s managers needed to effectively measure agent performance. Managers couldn’t identify under-performing agents to provide with additional training or determine who the high-achieving agents were to reward them appropriately, impacting both the success of the contact centre and the happiness of their employees.

In addition, the existing system’s low call quality frequently frustrated callers and encouraged misunderstandings and miscommunication. Agents couldn’t meet BMI’s strict customer service standards, which was especially problematic given the serious nature of many of the calls.

When the National Enquiry Center moved locations, they decided it was time to upgrade their communications technology. After researching their options, they deployed MiContact Center Business—a comprehensive omnichannel customer experience management platform.

Setup was simple, and BMI immediately identified three key benefits:

Increased efficiency:The new, future-proof contact centre system has an intuitive, user-friendly interface, so managers waste less time learning how to use it and accessing everything they need each day.

“The management tool is very easy to read,” said BMI team leader Lorraine Morrison. “It is presented in a format that is a lot better than the previous solution.”

Plus, managers appreciate finally being able to vet call lengths, filter by agents and record and listen to calls. They now have access to a tremendous amount of data that will help them continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the contact centre.

Higher employee satisfaction: Employee satisfaction also increased across the entire contact centre after deployment. Because managers can now determine which agents require additional coaching, under-performing employees get the help they need to improve. And, high-performing agents are more easily identified, so they receive the recognition and compensation they deserve.

Better customer experience: Voice quality has significantly improved and the volume of calls the NEC can now handle has skyrocketed, which has made a real difference for customers. They’re able to talk to a live agent, get clear answers to their questions and move on with their day much faster than before. The contact centre now consistently meets the high customer service standard set by BMI.

“The previous solution did not meet our stringent requirements,” said BMI team leader Austin Dalgarno, “and the total Mitel solution does that job very well.”

Contact centres face the dual challenge of needing to improve efficiency while delivering an outstanding customer experience, which makes the technology they use truly pivotal to their success. Investing in an innovative, future-proof system that’s designed to address that complex challenge is what will set your contact centre apart in today’s age of rapid technological change.

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David Perrot

Senior Pre-Sales Manager for Applications and CC Solutions, France

David Perrot works in pre-sales and business development, promoting contact center applications and supporting internal and partner sales organizations. With over 30 years of experience in IT, telecommunications and data networking, David is an expert on contact center and messaging solutions. He helps customers and partners digitally transform and choose best-of-breed solutions to deliver an amazing customer experience.

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