How Voice Solutions Improve Healthcare Staff Productivity

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Steven Wishart

Steven Wishart | February 01, 2024

It is no secret that efficient medical practices rely on seamless communication. To deliver the highest possible standards of care in a high-pressure work environment, healthcare staff need to be able to think on their feet and exchange important patient information quickly.

To this end, clinical facilities rely on streamlined communication tools, including voice solutions. When leveraged mindfully, these tools allow for real-time voice contact between co-workers, hospitals, and primary care doctor’s offices. This enables up-to-the-minute communication when it’s needed most.

The Many Advantages of Voice Solutions

Effortless voice communication in healthcare comes with endless benefits. Ensuring a steady and reliable exchange of information can dramatically improve workflow and increase productivity. Moreover, real-time voice connections support the delivery of clear and accurate instructions in emergencies.


Along with improving teamwork and collaboration, effective voice solutions take the stress out of figuring out the technicalities so medical staff can focus on what they do best: look after the people in their care. This, in turn, translates to improved clinical outcomes and employee satisfaction.

Security becomes more critical as medical personnel use sophisticated tools to access patient information. Modern voice solutions rely on encryption and minimise the risk of leaking sensitive patient data.

Cloud-Based Integration

Upgrading a healthcare facility’s communication system does not need to be expensive. Modern solutions can support the hybrid cloud to allow businesses to build upon their current infrastructure or migrate at their own pace – maintaining continuity while leveraging existing investments.

Latest-generation solutions rely on the public cloud to accelerate the modernisation of communication within healthcare facilities. Quality tools also seamlessly integrate modern business applications, including AI/ML and automation.

As a global market leader in business communications, we specialise in providing the best collaboration tools for medical professionals at Mitel. Our quality, intuitive technology is specifically built around the need for efficiency and time sensitivity typical of high-stakes environments.

If you are considering investing in voice solutions to improve your business’ workflow, productivity, and employee satisfaction, do not hesitate to contact a Mitel representative today. We can help leverage the most streamlined solution for your healthcare facility.

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Steven Wishart

Steven WishartHead of Healthcare, UK

Working with the NHS for over 25 years, Steve brings a wealth of knowledge and experience delivering and advising on how communication solutions and services meet the needs of the UK’s Healthcare service. Understanding the critical demands of the NHS delivering flexible, secure, and resilient technology is at the core of Mitel’s and Steve’s vision to support our NHS and help them continue to deliver world-class patient care.

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