Introducing UserVoice: Empowering Mitel Partners and Customers

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Dominique Poizat | August 07, 2023

Today's unified communications market demands customized, flexible, and tailored solutions. This means listening to customers on multiple fronts while providing meaningful data and analytics for better ROI, planning, and more informed decision-making through customer lifecycle management (CLM) and Mitel UserVoice. How does Mitel do it?

Idea Collection for Product Planning

Mitel UserVoice is a valuable tool to gather new ideas and product feedback directly from partners and customers for Mitel product and solution development and evolution. This collaborative platform offers several benefits that further strengthen Mitel's relationship with its customers and concretely help Mitel's product managers improve the company's offering to direct our customers’ wants and needs.

A key benefit of UserVoice is its ability to gather ideas from various sources and consolidate them in one place. Partners, customers, and Mitel employees can submit suggestions, provide feedback on each other’s ideas, and vote for the most important ones. This process creates an engaged community and enables the collection of the most relevant and diverse ideas.

All Mitel User Group (MUG) members have access to UserVoice and can contribute ideas or vote for others.

Mitel customers and partners can access Mitel UserVoice via MUG or the Mitel UserVoice website. MUG is an independent customer community that enables networking and sharing among other user group members and delivers direct feedback between Mitel and the users locally and globally. Membership is free and includes access to our invaluable community, engagements, and educational resources.

Mitel User Group Portal to UserVoice

Improving Products Thanks to User Feedback

Mitel takes customer, partner, and employee feedback seriously. Every other week a consortium of Mitel leaders, product management, and marketing get together to review the UserVoice feedback and determine whether suggested updates are already in process and, if not when they can become part of the roadmap.

Using UserVoice, Mitel can quickly identify users' most-requested features and enhancements and prioritize ideas based on users' votes. This direct customer feedback enables product managers to make informed decisions on future product developments. It also allows Mitel to adjust its roadmap by focusing on features that address real customer needs and then prioritize the most asked-for updates.

For example, Mitel recently launched a new version of one of its communication servers for large enterprises, with at least 60% of its content derived from suggestions collected in UserVoice.

This process is not a one-way street. When user-generated feedback is integrated into the roadmap, Mitel always reaches out to the contributor to express appreciation and clarify or expand upon the ask if more details are needed.

"This is an example of an essential product update and a direct result of Mitel's commitment to listening to its partners and customers through frequent advisory groups such as MUG, PartnerVoice, and CustomerVoice channels," says industry analyst Anurag Agrawal of TechAisle. "As a result, Mitel has been recognized as a vendor and trusted business partner by proactively engaging with customers and responding to their feedback."

Fostering Collaboration and Prioritization

Mitel UserVoice Idea Metrics

UserVoice is more than just an idea-gathering platform; it is a valuable tool that promotes transparent communication between Mitel and its partners and customers. Users can track the status of submitted ideas, receive progress updates, and interact directly with the core Mitel product team. This collaborative environment helps to strengthen the relationship between Mitel and its key stakeholders.

Actively involving the user community's feedback in the evolution of the roadmap is a crucial part of addressing Mitel's critical objectives of flexibility, choice, and building customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, ultimately serving our partners and customers with better solutions, solutions, and products they've collaborated upon.

Mitel User Voice, together with Mitel's CLM data and insights, is a solid demonstration that Mitel doesn't only listen to its customers; it acts upon their feedback to support them during the different stages of their communications journey.

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