In a recent MarWatch Feature Update Webinar, listeners wanted to know what types of monitoring Mitel Performance Analytics provides for MiContact Center. Here’s a primer on what types of performance monitoring you’ll find in MiContact Center and what types you’ll find in Mitel Performance Analytics.

The Big Picture
At the highest level, MiContact Center monitoring focuses on monitoring and reporting on how effectively and efficiently your contact center is operating—including agent, queue and extension performance monitoring.

Mitel MarWatch, however, focuses on monitoring notifying you on the health and performance of your communication systems. This can include monitoring and alerting you to hardware failures, power outages and other significant issues with communication server performance.

MiContact Center: The Human Element
MiContact Center offers enterprise-wide contact center performance monitoring, as well as historical and real-time reporting—letting you see the big picture and the call-by-call performance of each agent, queue or extension. Real-time monitoring allows you to respond instantly to changing call center traffic volumes to ensure you maintain service levels.

Mitel Performance Analytics: Keeping an Eye on the Hardware
While MiContact Center monitors how well your call center is running, and even alerts you to issues with your MiContact Center media servers, Mitel Performance Analytics fault and performance management software monitors the hardware performance of your entire suite of Mitel products. It can generate alarms for MiContact Center server hardware failures, for example, while also watching for voice quality issues with MiVoice Call Recording.

Since Mitel Performance Analytics monitors a wide range of Mitel unified communications equipment, it incorporates all of your Mitel systems into a single monitoring solution. If you’re looking for quality and service level monitoring for Mitel systems and applications, like MiVoice Call Recording, MiCollab, MiVoice Business and MiVoice Border Gateway, Mitel Performance Analytics has you covered.

Mitel Performance Analytics can also monitor a diverse set of third-party equipment including servers, routers and managed Ethernet switches. Getting data on MiContact Center together with other MarWatch supported devices and applications has proven invaluable for many IT managers and partners.

The Metrics Mitel Performance Analytics Measures
What type of performance metrics will Mitel Performance Analytics monitor for you? CPU and memory usage, file system and interface statistics. If CPU or memory usage spikes, for example, an alarm is generated in real-time via email, SMS or Twitter—ensuring the problem can be addressed quickly, before the systems fail.

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