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Blog: Migration costs: a significant impact on ROI

This aspect has taken on much more importance, and for 84% of respondents the cost of migrating from an on-site system to a cloud architecture is the prime consideration when calculating the ROI for a UCaaS solution.

Country by country, figures vary from 72% to 94%, and all respondents share the same view: beyond the promises of SaaS applications, the performance of cloud architecture depends on the quality of the underlying IT systems. It is no surprise that the cost of upgrading existing infrastructure is seen as having an impact on ROI.

In addition to strictly material concerns, the second key aspect cited by the decision makers is the cost of migration and data reversibility associated with a communications solution. The average figure of 49% of respondents masks wide differences by country; while 79% of respondents in France consider this to be a key component for calculating ROI, in Spain and Sweden this proportion falls to around 30%.

The same disparity is found for the cost of change management, ranked third among factors for ROI.
This criterion is considered most important in Spain and in France, by 70% and 63% of respondents respectively, whereas in most countries the figure is closer to 30 – 40%.


The results of this survey can be downloaded here.

Here you can also find a video featuring highlights from our survey.

Didier Lambert

Marketing Operations

Fond of innovation and new usages, Didier specializes in new technologies marketing and new communication channels. He's worked on sales, marketing and business intelligence teams of large French companies and created his own consulting business. In 2011, he joined Mitel as a field marketing manager, and he also runs the Mitel Consultant Liaison Program for France and manages the French Mitel User Group relationships.

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