Mitel in the News: 5 Stories You Might Have Missed in January

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Trevor Kerr | February 12, 2024

January is synonymous with the new year, but did you know it was also National Hot Tea Month? Of course, a cup of tea has long been a comforting workplace beverage, especially during the colder months. So, feel free to turn on the kettle and prepare your preferred brew. It’s ok, we’ll wait…

…Now, on to the news!

As you would expect, we spent a great deal of time looking ahead over the past month. With a new year comes a desire for predictions, and Mitel experts were happy to offer their insights. We cover many business communications trends below, including those impacting important industries like healthcare and retail. We also look at how technology will continue to mold the modern workplace.

If you are looking for even more predictions, we encourage you to read our blog, where Mitel executive leaders share their thoughts on everything from artificial intelligence (AI) to unified communications (UC) consolidation.

A quick note that we link to the article in its published language. In most cases, using your favorite translation software will allow you to read the article in your preferred language easily.

5 Mitel Must-Reads from January 2024

1. Ottawa Business Journal: Mitel chasing top spot in unified communications space as monumental 2024 looms

Last year’s 50th celebrations highlighted Mitel’s strong links to Canada’s capital city, so it seems appropriate our first news highlight from the company’s 51st year is with Ottawa’s local business publication. Al Hurren, VP of engineering and operations, speaks with reporter David Sali about where Mitel is headed in 2024 and the rewarding task of bringing Unify into the Mitel family.

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2. Revolutionizing Retail: The Power of Modern Communications Solutions

The holiday shopping rush might be over for another year, but planning for next year’s holiday season is already well underway for many of your favorite shops. With shoppers' habits evolving, Martin Bitzinger, Mitel’s senior vice president for product management, looks at how modern business solutions, including integrations, can help retailers futureproof their business and boost the customer experience.

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3. MetriSight Ep.54 - Unified Communications Trends in 2024 with Mitel

Martin also took time this month to chat with UC analyst Irwin Lazar from Metrigy about where he sees business communications going in 2024 and what Mitel is focused on. We also get his thoughts on the vendor landscape, buyer expectations, and more.

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4. UC Today: A Journey to the Modern Day Workplace

Regardless of where you work, the technology that underpins how you work will continue to evolve in 2024. During a discussion with UC Today journalist Kieran Devlin, Mitel CTO Luiz Domingos and Black Box’s Jim McKenna look at how the employee experience is evolving and how modern business communications tools are helping organizations adapt.

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5. Voices of Care: Revolutionizing Healthcare Communications

Communication is critical in a healthcare setting. Whether at a hospital or your family doctor’s office, dependable and secure digital tools are integral to delivering a positive patient experience. Last month, tech influencer Evan Kirstel invited Healthcare GM Ryan McManus on his live stream to discuss how Mitel supports healthcare providers with tailored communication solutions.

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