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Virve Virtanen | April 05, 2023

The 2023 edition of Enterprise Connect, held in Orlando, FL, brought together even more partners and customers than last year’s successful event. While the agenda included the expected vendor, consultant, and analyst presentations, it also included such activities as morning yoga and running, a booth crawl, and opportunities for attendees to connect during coffee breaks and other activities.

During the four-day event, the Mitel team was busy running one-on-one meetings, exclusive briefings, and receptions for over 100 customers, partners, analysts, and consultants. The group departed exhausted but, at the same time, very energized. The week allowed us to connect with customers, offer solutions to some of their communications challenges, educate guests on the latest advancements in enterprise communications, and offer the best ways forward.

Throughout Enterprise Connect 2023, third-party influencers, analysts, and consultants embraced Mitel’s unified communications (UC) and customer lifecycle management (CLM) strategy and efforts, focusing specifically on verticals. Attendees learned how Mitel’s UC strategy and direction are differentiators and that the flexibility and choice that Mitel offers fit in with the customers’ broader ecosystem, whether as a part of a vertical workflow or integrating with other collaboration applications, or launching third-party video applications. Mitel’s mantra, “Your cloud, your way; Your deployment your way; Your collaboration, your way; Your vertical application, your way,” is real.

Consultants were pleased to see our strong focus on key verticals. They were impressed with the integrations and leaps forward that we have made, improving each platform, including MiVoice Business, MX-One, contact center, collaboration, and more. Every consultant that saw the MiVoice Business and Teams integration commented positively on the simplicity and ease of use.

Additionally, analysts complemented Mitel’s strategy as being clear and that there is no doubt that Mitel is a UC leader and industry consolidator. Some specific analyst and end-user comments overheard during the week included:

  • “Mitel is focused on its core mission and growth strategy for its large global customer base. The management focuses on offering differentiated solutions and innovating in on-premises systems.”
  • “While UCaaS giants grab the headline, the Mitel story and its recent successes must be fully exposed and marketed.”
  • “Mitel recognizes where it “fits,” what markets and types of customers it serves and excels in, and is less concerned about chasing hype cycles.”
  • “SaaS is not the answer for all. Mitel ensures that it remains the dominant and logical choice for customers with clear needs around data residency, privacy, security, and greater control over their communication/collaboration environment. At the same time, Mitel ensures it offers its customers the choice and flexibility they need for the future.”
  • “Mitel goes beyond just listening to me as a member of the Mitel User Group (MUG). The team truly partners with me to deliver exceptional solutions. The commitment to collaboration and innovation is genuine.”
  • “I felt welcomed and heard by every member of the Mitel team. The collaboration between the user community and Mitel is genuine, and their commitment is to listen and improve.”

At the same time, it has been good to see UCaaS migration market predictions rationalizing from the most extreme during the pandemic hype to 80-20 in the next five years to closer to 50-50  in 2027 across the board (Gartner, Synergy, MZA, Wainhouse). The UC opportunity continues to be real, be it modernizing the current base or acquiring new customers, and Mitel is in a great position to serve our customers, existing and new, with its richest offering in the industry. “Your cloud, your way; Your deployment your way; Your collaboration, your way; Your vertical application, your way.”

While we learned a lot over these three days, one clear takeaway is that the UC opportunity is real. It was outstanding to have this opportunity to connect with customers, MUG members, partners, analysts, consultants, and all of Team Mitel. This is the way: upwards and onwards!

Virve VirtanenVP, Analyst Relations and Competitive Intelligence

Virve Virtanen joined Mitel in 2021 as vice president, analyst relations and competitive intelligence. Virve has rich communications experience garnered from analyst relations leadership roles at companies including Poly, Mapbox, Microsoft, and Nokia. In her position as the leader of Mitel’s analyst relations and market intelligence initiatives, Virve helps expand the company’s efforts to closely engage with analysts around the world about Mitel’s strategy, opportunities, and momentum.

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