Mitel On-Premise PBX vs. RingCentral Cloud PBX

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August 25, 2022

Technology is continuing to grow at an exponential rate and modern cloud systems are the new standard for companies of all sizes. With the scalability and mobility that the cloud offers businesses, it’s easy to see its significant advantages for those who have adjusted to remote and hybrid work models.

Did you know Mitel recommends RingCentral as the exclusive path to cloud for its customers? Many Mitel customers, just like you, are realizing that it’s time for an upgrade and are making the shift toward cloud communications with RingCentral MVP (message, video, phone).

If you’re still deciding if you should transition from on-premises to cloud, we’ll help you understand why cloud communications is the right move and how this partnership could seamlessly transition you to RingCentral MVP’s cloud solution.

What is an On-Premise PBX?

When software is “on-premises,” it means that the servers are located on site. Mitel provides on-premise PBX phone systems (private branch exchange), which requires businesses to set up hardware installation within the buildings, needing dedicated IT team members to maintain it. More organizations want to manage their IT remotely, especially during the hybrid era, so this is where cloud communications really come into play.

For larger organizations or those making a lot of phone calls, on-premises PBX could be beneficial by providing more flexibility for users and voice over Internet (VoIP) can save organizations of calling costs. However, nowadays, many companies are shifting due to the expanded functionalities and versatility of cloud technology.

What is Cloud PBX?

RingCentral MVP is a cloud PBX solution, which is a virtual PBX solution that’s provided and accessed completely online, eliminating the need for any hardware set up or maintenance–a huge game changer in terms of flexibility and convenience.

Cloud solutions can be very enticing due to its versatility and ability to remove the burden of a business having to upgrade or maintain their own systems.

Here a just a few key reasons why you should switch your on-premise for cloud PBX:

  1. Zero on-site hardware: It’s time to leave hardware installation and set up days behind. With cloud, you can easily initiate conversations as soon as you log in to the system and be able to solve any issues over the phone.
  2. Easy integration with other business applications: Check if your on-premise system can incorporate other applications you use such as Google Suite and Salesforce. RingCentral’s cloud solution refines the way you collaborate and makes working easier by providing seamless integrations with all the apps you already use and love.
  3. Unified solution: Having trouble switching between multiple applications to get the job done? Cloud keeps you ahead of the game by providing messaging, video, and phone, all within one platform–on any device of your choice. 

Whether you should choose on-premise or the cloud depends on your requirements. On-premise systems can provide top-notch security and be a solid choice for larger companies. However, as many businesses are now a remote or hybrid workplace, cloud PBX offers easier remote maintenance, agility, and flexible integrations at affordable costs.


RingCentral and Mitel have joined forces to ensure that valued customers, like you, have the upgrade opportunity to easily transition from your current on-premise PBX to cloud communications with RingCentral MVP.

How to Set Up Cloud PBX

Are you ready to upgrade? The RingCentral and Mitel partnership offers you a migration that will give the way you work a powerful makeover. To learn how to migrate to the cloud with us, chat with your Mitel partner!

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