With almost half the U.S. workforce now working from home full time, the need to create more meaningful connections has become critical. We've all had to learn how to communicate in different ways—and to function remotely. But how much of that is improving your work life?

The best technology improves your ability to communicate by giving you more capability with less steps. In other words, making remote communication, omnichannel communication, more natural and intuitive. These are the hallmark traits of Microsoft Teams and Mitel's advanced integrations.

You can already make the most of Microsoft Teams with Mitel's advanced telephony, video, contact center and third-party integrations. Now we are excited to announce our latest integration with Microsoft Teams across Mitel's portfolio of products. With this integration Mitel customers can access advanced meetings features from Mitel directly within the Teams application.

Embedded Chatbot Helps You Do More

The Mitel Assistant, a newly available bot in the Microsoft Teams app store, allows MiTeam Meetings users to quickly start a meeting from within the Teams application with a simple set of commands. Quickly escalate from chat to video by launching MiTeam Meetings directly from a conversation in MS Teams. This gives Mitel customers who have chosen MiTeam Meetings as their video meeting of choice the ability to quickly escalate from chat to video by launching MiTeam Meetings directly from a conversation in Teams.

Switch From Chat to Voice Simply

With Mitel's Teams integrations, Teams users can easily make softphone calls, click to dial a number or use a hotkey or web extension—all while staying within the Teams web or desktop app. Make calls directly within the Teams app via Mitel's direct routing integration, so users don't have to swap back and forth between applications. Mitel's Chrome extension enables you to place a call within the Microsoft Teams web app with a single click. Or, with the app dialer, you can set up a hotkey so you can select numbers in the desktop app to dial.

Boost Your Communications Experience

By combining Mitel's telephony, collaboration, videoconferencing and desk phones with Microsoft Teams you can experience what great communication feels like.

Check out Mitel for Microsoft Teams to find out how you take your business communications to a new level >

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