Revolutionize Customer Engagement with Mitel’s Interactive Account Planning Tool

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Kasey Grant | December 12, 2023

In the ultra-competitive unified communications (UC) market, the landscape of products is increasingly nuanced, making it more difficult to differentiate portfolios and stand out to customers. Adding to the challenge, new and traditional competitors constantly impose themselves on customers with attractive new offers.

The solution? Make the choice simple and clear for customers by meeting them where they are and tailoring your offers to their needs.

The Mitel team worked diligently to give partners an edge with compelling incentives that help existing customers feel confident in their relationships and solutions journey. That can mean renewing Software Assurance (SWA), adding new devices or applications to their existing solution, or migrating them to a more modern UC/UCaaS solution.

We offer flexibility for customers to deliver solutions that meet their needs wherever they are on their communications journey. However, that’s only half the equation; to truly maximize the Mitel customer opportunity and make it actionable, we must understand customer intent.

Where Customers Are -> Where They’re Going

Effective account planning helps partners keep customers ready to embrace new revenue opportunities without feeling information overload. It also enables partners to approach each account with a unique perspective and plan. To take it a step further and revolutionize the account planning process, Mitel recently introduced an Interactive Account Planning (IAP) tool.

Leveraging the relationship between artificial intelligence tools like 6Sense data and other key indicators, IAP helps prioritize account planning activities while ensuring a better understanding of customers’ buying intentions. Partners will be able to predict where a customer wants to go and map out actionable opportunities that align with their journey.

Unlocking this access to actionable insights and recommendations helps organizations remove guesswork and make account engagement decisions with confidence and optimism.

5 Ways to Leverage Mitel’s Interactive Account Planning

As our partners do for their customers, the IAP tool helps break down complex processes into digestible, easy-to-execute pieces. Here are a few ways partners can take advantage of IAP.

1. Identify a Good Fit

6Sense AI data gives an at-a-glance view of customers in a partner’s particular market. Keeping it as simple as a score of 0-100, partners have an indicator of the customers they can lend the most value to.

2. Recognize a Customer’s Untapped Potential

Using data like customer lifetime, installation dates, and average amortization schedules, IAP quickly highlights customers that could benefit most from an updated plan. This can be a powerful tool in reducing customer churn by offering them solutions before they even know they need them.

3. Power Up Existing Customer Database

Partners can maximize their existing customer base by analyzing and focusing on their likelihood to renew or update their services.

4. Easily Identify Customers on End of Sale (EoS) Solutions

IAP helps identify customers operating an End-of-Sale Mitel product. It lets partners know when to start creating a new account plan, such as upgrading them to a more modern UC/UCaaS solution.

5. Maximize IAP by leveraging Mitel Campaigns

Mitel offers partners pre-packaged campaigns that help guide customer interactions.

Mitel is Committed to Partner Success

As a global market leader in business communications, we understand that when our partners win, we win. That’s why we take a unique, tailored approach to Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM), lending an attentive ear to partners’ feedback and their invaluable industry knowledge. It’s also why we take time to reward and celebrate partner success.

While IAP is one of the latest tools in a Mitel partner’s kit, it won’t be the last. We plan to continue modernizing how partners interact with their customers and making it easier to maintain relationships naturally in such an innovative time for technology and the future of UC. We’re heading into 2024, ready to adapt, iterate, and create – stay tuned!

Have questions about IAP, or just want to get some more information? Existing partners, contact your account manager or our CLM Business Group. New visitors, get in touch!

Kasey GrantMarketing Communications Specialist

Kasey is an experienced storyteller operationalizing the way that tech organizations communicate. He is passionate about human connection and creating meaningful, equitable, and digestible messaging. When he’s not crafting comms plans, you’ll find him hiking about the Pacific Northwest with his three dogs, Star, Brooke, and Xena.

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