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Blog: Service continuity: clearing the way

When it comes to service continuity with a cloud-based solution, the decision makers polled in this survey focus their attention on the platform, and its capacity to provide availability, fault resilience and an activity restoration plan. Two-thirds of respondents cite this point as their main criterion, far ahead of local system survivability (16%), availability of the application itself (13%) and of the network (4%).

These figures have evolved considerably since the 2016 survey and show that the historical obstacles to cloud systems are gradually disappearing. Thus, the question of whether a network can provide the necessary continuity of service required for the proper functioning of a business communications system is no longer a central preoccupation for decision makers. Solutions that secure access by redundancy or by mobile rerouting are now clearly identified and offer the level of guarantees that professional users require.

To a certain extent this observation opens the way for businesses to consolidate and replace on-site systems with 100% cloud-based alternatives, for which network connectivity and the availability of application platforms are key. It is certain that the gradual hybrid-mode migration to the cloud has a promising future.


The results of this survey can be downloaded here.

Didier Lambert

Marketing Operations

Fond of innovation and new usages, Didier specializes in new technologies marketing and new communication channels. He's worked on sales, marketing and business intelligence teams of large French companies and created his own consulting business. In 2011, he joined Mitel as a field marketing manager, and he also runs the Mitel Consultant Liaison Program for France and manages the French Mitel User Group relationships.

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