Simplifying Your RingCentral MVP Upgrade

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September 07, 2022

At some point in our lives, we’ve all experienced the uncomfortable feeling of “upgrade fear.” Maybe we’re considering upgrading a computer, a phone, or a car. Whatever the case, moving from the products we’re familiar with to new ones can be a scary proposition.

Much of this fear comes from uncertainty—fear of the unknown is a powerful force. Will the process be complex? Will it take longer than expected? How much will it cost? Will it be hard to learn new features and capabilities?

Squashing Upgrade Fears

As a Mitel cloud solutions customer, you understand the value of the cloud. Maybe you’re also already convinced of the value of upgrading to the number one UCaaS solution on the market — RingCentral Message Video Phone (MVPTM) — including its advanced messaging, video, and telephony in an all-in-one app, with 99.999% reliability, a global footprint, real-time analytics, and integrations with the business apps you use every day.

Let’s put you at ease with the upgrade process and show you how Mitel and RingCentral will work together to deliver time savings of 75% compared to moving to another solution or attempting to make the move without our help.

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The Upgrade Experience Snapshot

Your upgrade experience begins with a conversation with a Mitel migration expert to address your questions about RingCentral MVP and understand available financial incentives, like waiving early termination fees. They will help you choose the right RingCentral plan for your business, one that meets your needs today with the flexibility to scale as your business grows.

You’ll also have the option to complete migration through a guided, self-serve experience or, if you have 100 or more seats, to work with RingCentral professional services for more hands-on help. In all cases, experts on both teams will be there to support you so you can get up and running on the leading communications and collaboration platform as quickly as possible.

Once you sign up to migrate to RingCentral and decide on a migration experience, we’ll work with you and RingCentral to help you complete your move in five steps.

1. Discovery

The goal of Discovery is to capture the existing-to-future-state mapping of your communication system. It is critical to understand the current system behavior so that the new system can be appropriately configured. This can take days or potentially weeks’ worth of effort to manually consolidate this information.

Mitel and RingCentral make this easier for you with the Migration Assist Package (MAP). A MAP is provided to all Mitel customers migrating to RingCentral MVPTM and saves you considerable time and costs that competitive solutions can’t match. Your MAP streamlines and takes the guesswork out of capturing and replicating your current Mitel system configuration and behavior. It includes all your existing user profiles, device configurations, call flows, phone number, Customer Service Records, and more, setting you up to make the next phase, Design and Provisioning, a breeze.

2. Design and Provisioning

Armed with your MAP, which is provided in a templated format optimized for RingCentral MVPTM, you’ll be able to easily replicate your current system with automated configuration and accurate data transfer, minimizing any manual setup or touch-up you might have to do.

Another heavy lift in any migration is phone number porting—moving your phone numbers from one carrier to another. Number porting is notoriously tricky, with carriers losing your business by taking advantage of any issue or error, however minor, to slow the process. To ensure this step goes smoothly, Mitel provides you with a pre-filled Customer Service Record (CSR) form, eliminating the guesswork and minimizing errors in number porting requests.

3. Deployment

Moving to a new system often requires new desk phones—a potentially expensive and time-consuming process. We have good news for you—if you have Mitel 6900 series phones, you’ll be able to use the Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) feature to connect your existing phones to RingCentral MVP. This capability eliminates the time and cost of phone replacement required for competing offers. And if you don’t have a series 6900 phone, don’t worry; we’ll provide them to replace your current phones at no charge—we want all Mitel cloud customers to be able to upgrade to RingCentral MVP without a hitch.

4. Testing

Before you go live on your new system, you’ll want to ensure inbound and outbound calling, automated call flows, faxing, messaging, and video calling and conferencing are functional as expected. Again, with complex aspects of your system like call flows included in your MAP, you can more easily ensure they are accurately replicated and save a lot of time and effort in the Testing phase.

5. Onboarding and Switchover

Once you have tested your system, you’re all set to complete onboarding. If you’re completing the migration through the self-serve option, you’ll be guided through the setup and onboard your team with in-app training resources right inside RingCentral MVP’s intuitive interface.

If you have a more extensive, complex system and opt for RingCentral professional services, you’ll enjoy more hands-on help from discovery through setup and training.

Here For You At Every Step

As you can see from the steps above, we’ll work together with RingCentral to simplify the end-to-end migration process and ensure you can start tapping into the power of RingCentral MVP in no time.

Learn more about the upgrade experience—or book a meeting with a Mitel migration expert to start your upgrade now.

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