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Blog: Suppliers: The right to correct a mistake
For 82% of respondents, one of the most important contractual clauses is the option to change as and when required – particularly if the provider fails to deliver on contractual obligations. Concern around this clause is considerably higher than in 2016, scoring above data reversibility (48%) and the period of contractual commitment (31%).

For most countries, this ranks as one of the main items of concern for between 80% and 90% of respondents, with the notable exception of the United Kingdom, where it is only 61%. This is most likely due to the greater maturity of UK companies in respect to cloud technology, which gives them deeper insight into the competence and reliability of suppliers in the marketplace. The need to stipulate contract termination terms is therefore less pressing.

The UK also places a high priority on the typical length of contractual commitment, cited by 61% of respondents, while the average in other countries is 31%. Despite these differences, the proportion remains comparable to the level in the previous survey (37%).

It is more surprising to see that the issue of data reversibility – during cloud migration, when changing suppliers, or reverting to an on-site solution – is not as prominent as before. Even so, one in two respondents (with sharp differences between countries) pays particular attention to this point when signing a contract.


The results of this survey can be downloaded here.

Here you can also find a video featuring highlights from our survey.

Didier Lambert

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