Thank Your Tech Colleagues on IT Professionals Day

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September 20, 2022

These days, our world relies on technology to keep our businesses functioning. There are almost 5.5 million information technology (IT) professionals in the United States, keeping our networks online, our systems running, and our data secure.

With a more connected and distributed workforce, these hardworking specialists are busier and more needed than ever. On September 20, National IT Professionals Day reminds us to thank the colleagues keeping our offices humming from behind the scenes.

More Than Tech Support

Whether your software needed updating or you accidentally poured coffee on your laptop, we’ve all made that desperate call to the tech department to get our computers working again. But IT professionals aren’t just there for when something breaks.;

They’re constantly working to make your business even more efficient through the latest technology. Here are just a few roles they might play in your organization:

  • Network Coordinator
  • Software Engineer
  • Hardware Technician
  • Systems Engineer
  • Database Manager
  • Website Administrator
  • Cyber Security Specialist
  • App Developer
  • Communications Specialist
  • Technical Support Provider

While larger companies have entire IT departments with specialized roles, many tech professionals wear many hats. For many smaller businesses, these tasks might fall to whoever is the most computer-savvy. No matter their title, don’t forget to show them your appreciation!

How Does Mitel Work with IT Professionals?

IT professionals constantly educate themselves to keep your company updated with the latest technology. Whether this takes the form of formal training, collaboration with peers in the tech sphere, or personal dedication, they work hard to keep your business modern.

At Mitel, we do our best to make it easy for everyone to learn about our products and resolve any questions they might need to be answered. From online resources to live training and support, we provide our IT colleagues with the tools they need to make the most of our products.

  • Learning Center: Discover video introductions and walkthroughs for Mitel software and hardware.
  • Document Center: Find documentation for Mitel products, including policies and solution guides.
  • Technical Support: Reach out to our 24/7 global technical support team for expert advice.

Mitel also works closely with independent IT professionals as partners in resale, distribution, and service. The Mitel Global Partner Program sets you up for a successful career in unified communications with access to certification, training, sales and marketing tools, and content.

Six Ways to Thank Your IT Professional

This National IT Professional Appreciation Day, take some time to give your tech person some love. They put much hard work into making sure you have the technology to do your job, so here are six suggestions of ways to show them you care.

  1. Send a company-wide email with an appreciation for everything they do to support your team. Extra credit if you and some colleagues can come up with a few examples of times when they went above and beyond!
  2. Take it public. Use the hashtag #ITProDay on social media to detail the virtues of your IT person (or people) and to raise awareness of the holiday.
  3. Buy them a drink (of coffee). We’ve yet to meet a tech professional who doesn’t appreciate the gift of food or drink, so buy them a meal or beverage as a token of your gratitude.
  4. Help them grow in their career with training or professional development programs. Whether they tune in to a webinar, take a course online, or travel to a conference, this is a meaningful way to show your support (and your company will benefit from whatever they learn!).
  5. Upgrade your communications technology. Is your IT team wearing themselves thin trying to keep up with outdated hardware or software? An integrated platform with scalability, cloud availability, instant updates, and easy-to-use features relieves pressure on your tech support and frees them up to focus on forward-looking projects. Your entire organization will enjoy connectivity with modern apps and devices. 
  6. Give them the day off! Many IT professionals are always on call just in case a critical system goes down in the middle of the night. Let them take a vacation day with the promise of no emergency tickets so they can relax and recharge.

Whether they’re a highly focused specialist or if “computer person” is just another line in a very long job description, there’s no doubt we all rely on our tech colleagues to get our jobs done. So, on September 20, take some time to show your appreciation and gratitude to your IT professional. We’ll undoubtedly be doing the same here at Mitel.

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