The Top 4 Reasons Hotels Should Invest in the Guest Experience Now

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January 17, 2023

The hospitality industry suffered more than most at the height of the pandemic, forcing hotels to re-examine priorities as the world shifted into a new normal. Because so many people have taken the time to consider what’s most important to them, travel has become more than just an escape from day-to-day life. A place to sleep isn’t enough. Today’s travelers seek experiences that make them feel connected at every step of their journey.

About 45% of people are considering moving away from their current travel provider, including hotels because they’re not providing the extra amenities they want. More people are traveling for leisure, and fewer are traveling for business, bringing many unique opportunities for hotels to consider.

It's more important than ever for hospitality providers to invest in the guest experience, including technology. More and more, communications technology is playing an essential role in creating a memorable guest experience for travelers. And as a bonus, this same technology has helped create a more seamless and productive work experience for hospitality staff.

There are many reasons why the guest experience is a worthy investment, but we’ll focus on the top four and show you how unified communications (UC) is quickly becoming a top amenity.

4 Reasons Your Guests Are a Worthy Investment 

1. Personalized Guest Experience

Eighty-seven percent of respondents to a PWC study stated that a business being personal was at the top of the list of essential values when interacting with a brand. Small, personalized touches go a long way, and updated technology offers a customized approach to the guest experience. From virtual check-in and check-out to allowing travelers to text and chat with the front desk, UC technology provides modern solutions for a more holistic, personalized guest experience.

With the incorporation of new communications technologies, hotels can include personal touches such as customized food and beverage options, room accommodations, and individual recommendations based on the reason for the traveler’s stay. Even small gestures like using technology to remember guests’ names add a personal touch that makes guests feel cared for.

2. More Booked Rooms, More Revenue

With a more enhanced guest experience, the chance of customers remaining loyal to the brand increases. That translates to more rooms booked and more revenue generated.

Guests have also come to expect ease and efficiency during their stay. With a mobile app and bring-your-own-device integrations, guests can easily book rooms and services and stay connected no matter where they are on the property.

A seamless and positive customer journey helps hotels secure repeat customers, acquire new customers, and drive more revenue to the business.

3. Better Employee Experience

Eighty-seven percent of hotels have reported staffing shortages in 2022. Additionally, the unemployment rate for the hospitality industry has been trending several percentage points above the national US average.

Since hospitality involves daily face-to-face interaction, ensuring your guests are cared for with a well-rounded, personalized experience can also improve the experience for employees. A happy staff is good for business. According to Gallup research, engaged employees lead to a 14% increase in a business’s overall productivity and a 23% increase in profitability.

Hospitality communications technology makes it easy for staff to perform their jobs. Mobile solutions free staff from their desks and allow team members to communicate with each other in real-time. Whether a guest needs luggage assistance or help to book a massage, the right person is just a click away. Staff is happier and more productive when armed with modern tools, and guests’ needs are met faster.

4. Brand Recognition

It’s no secret that the power of word of mouth and brand recognizability has only gotten more extensive in the growth of the digital age. A clearly defined brand promise can help generate customer loyalty, increase revenue, and improve brand recognition across all media channels.

Building industry trust is essential to acquiring new customers and keeping customer loyalty intact, and that trust leads to a reputable brand over time. When customers have a positive hospitality experience, they’re more likely to return to the same hotel (or brand of hotels). They’re also more likely to encourage word-of-mouth and social media promotion to those in their circles and leave positive reviews online.

Staying up-to-date on customer-facing technology in your hotel can help ensure a positive brand experience that keeps travelers returning for more.

As brands look to make up for what was lost in a pre-COVID world, the shift into the “new normal” is more important than ever in hospitality. People travel for both business and leisure at record rates surpassing 2019 levels, and keeping those travelers happy during every step of their journey is key to a hotel’s overall success.

Hotels that invest in the new guest experience and leverage modern communications technology are sure to see a solid return in many areas of the business – from bookings to staff satisfaction. Learn more about how Mitel can help your hospitality business deliver an experience that keeps guests happy from the moment they check in through their departure.

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