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Isabella Abreu Stubbs | December 01, 2022

Over the last year, organizations quickly adapted to new customer and workforce demands as remote and hybrid work models became more common. We now know that the increase in workplace flexibility places greater emphasis on choosing the right communication solutions platform for your organization.

Not surprisingly, you, our valued readers, came back again and again to our blog for insights into Mitel’s business communications solutions and topics. You also returned for industry trends, call etiquette, tips, best practices, and our exclusive UCaaS partnership with RingCentral.

Enjoy this year's most popular blogs, as informed by you. Thank you for reading, and come back soon!

Top 10 Communications Trends In Hotel Technology

1) Top 10 Hospitability Technology Trends for 2022

Many hospitality activities depend directly or indirectly on technology, making IT more critical to hotel operations and the guest experience than ever before. We share the top 10 communication technology trends in hospitability to help you stand out against competitors.

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4 Team Collaboration Challenges and How to Overcome Them

2) Four Team Collaboration Challenges – and How to Overcome Them

The absence of teamwork and collaboration can hurt a business. We note the factors that can reduce teams' efficiency and share tips for how to fix them.

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How to Convince the CFO to Invest in Unified Communications

3) Why More CFOs are Shifting Investment from CapEx to Opex

We share the difference between operating expenditures (OpEx) and capital expenditures (CapEx) and analyze why more CFOs are moving their IT spending to OpEx.

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The 8 Most Important Call Center Trends to Watch in 2018

4) The 9 Most Important Call Center Trends of 2022

Call centers and customer experience are rapidly evolving with new technology. We look at nine technology trends helping companies deliver the best customer experience.

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Smiling female employee on cell phone and laptop

5) Phone Greetings Best Practices: Understanding the Basics

With today’s technology, it is easy to automate your call flow. However, you still need to implement strategies and use your phone system’s features efficiently. We outline the basic principles and best practices for your phone greetings.

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Mitel 6900 Certification for RingCentral MVP

6) Early Delivery of Initial Mitel 6900 Certification for RingCentral MVP

We go in-depth into the Mitel and RingCentral partnership and look at how Mitel 6900 IP phones can be used when clients migrate to RingCentral MVP.

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Downside WFH Hero

7) Is ‘Working from Home Forever’ Sustainable?

Working from home has become more common post-pandemic, and with it, challenges emerged. We explore the challenges remote workers face and how they can be overcome.

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Avoid Embarrassing Yourself During a Screen Share

8) Five Tips to Prevent Embarrassing Screen Shares

Screen sharing is a great tool, but we might not want to share everything during a meeting! Here are some tips on how to avoid embarrassment during screen shares.

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10 reasons RingCentral MVP Mitel cloud UCaaS

9) Ten Reasons to Upgrade to RingCentral MVP

Choosing the proper cloud-based communication and collaboration is crucial to businesses. This article gives customers 10 reasons why they should upgrade to RingCentral MVP.

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10) “Coffee Shop” Etiquette in the Age of the Cloud Phone

With remote work, more and more people spend time at coffee shops during the workday. We share our five best etiquette tips to make the experience as smooth as a cup of joe.

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