Your Guide for Better Business Communications

December 20, 2022

It doesn’t matter where you work, it’s how you work, and part of everyone’s job is communicating. Thanks to advances in communication technology, there are many ways to communicate well and equal or more ways to blow it. Do you want to stand out as a stellar communicator when speaking with a customer, partner, vendor, or teammate? Then check out this select list of business communications best practices and guides to get started.

Business phone headset etiquette rules for work image

5 Essential Business Phone Headset Etiquette Rules for Work

Basic headset etiquette is essential in an open workspace or a home office. We share five necessary business phone headset etiquette rules for work.

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"Coffee Shop" Etiquette in the Age of the Cloud Phone

When working remotely and using your cloud phone in public places like a café, keep things friendly – and not to mention private – with your neighbors by observing coffee shop etiquette.

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Smiling female employee on cell phone and laptop

Phone Greeting Best Practices: Understanding the Basics

These principles and best practices for phone greetings will help you design, script, and record with certainty and clarity.

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Become a videoconferencing star

Become a Star Videoconference Etiquette for Open Workspaces

Remote and hybrid working requires videoconferencing considerations. These tips will help you become a superstar on your future video calls.

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How to Make the Most of Your OOO Message thumb Mitel

Out of Office? How to Make the Most of Your OOO Message

Whether you’re away for a day or a month, a clear out-of-office message can help manage expectations while you’re gone. We share some tips and sample scripts for your next OOO message.

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