When a natural disaster takes place, it is paramount for local and state authorities to coordinate a timely and efficient strategy. As adverse natural occurrences sadly remain a fact of life, the way an intervention is conducted is bound to affect the success of all rescue operations. Luckily, business communication solutions can help.

Over the past two years, society witnessed the pivotal role played by connective technology in keeping many business operations up and running despite the widespread COVID-19 health and safety regulations. The good news is that the same levels of efficiency can be transferred to emergency relief by improving real-time communication between first responders in all departments. 

Business Communication Solutions Enable Prompt Emergency Response

Whether they are dealing with a flood, a hurricane, or an earthquake, public safety personnel and first responders are required to act fast. Allowing them to instantly access critical information on the progressing state of the emergency can make a difference in saving lives.

Similarly, maintaining outstanding levels of real-time internal communication between coworkers may sometimes not be enough. In a time-sensitive situation, first responders from all departments need to be able to exchange important data in real-time.

The Role of Cloud-Based Solutions in the Management of Natural Disasters

Cloud-based solutions are becoming increasingly popular in a wide variety of professional sectors, and understandably so. In emergency situations, cloud technology allows authorised personnel to promptly access critical data whilst also protecting it from falling into the wrong hands. 

It is also vital to ensure that - whilst each department will have its own channels and infrastructure in place for internal communication - everyone needed in an emergency is granted access to all data available and from any device.

Choosing the most effective business communication solutions to coordinate action during a natural disaster is not something local governments and councils should overlook. It is important to make an informed decision and only invest in new-generation cloud technology specifically designed to enhance communication and collaboration in a timely fashion. 

Over close to five decades of activity, Mitel is an industry leader in the business communication sector. Our mission is to enable businesses to maintain outstanding levels of organisation and collaboration for team members and departments. 

If you would like to learn more on how to upgrade your council or governmental emergency relief strategy, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with our team.

Nicholas Hanna

UK Territory Account Manager

Having worked for Mitel for nearly 12 years Nick has witnessed first hand the ever evolving UC and CX solutions available to our many well established customers. Specialising in Public Sector, and particularly Local & UK Central Government, Nick has a comprehensive understanding of these organisations specific requirements and facilitates the alignment of Mitel’s many solutions to remain at the forefront of our industry ensuring UK Citizenship inclusivity. In these ever challenging times Nick’s close consideration to both our end customer objectives and challenges, whilst ultimately supporting the delivery of excellent citizenship experience by adopting and deploying Mitel’s UC and CX offerings is fundamental to his approach.

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