2022 is a big year for Mitel investment in communications. We’re taking on the enterprise, global, and vertical markets where on-prem unified communications (UC) and contact center (CC) thrive. We now support consumption models that can be capital expenditure (CapEx), operational expenditure (OpEx), or a hybrid of the two. Our deployment models can be traditional on-prem PBX style or virtualized and deployed in your data center of choice including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). And, for our current cloud and UC customers that are better served by a pure Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) option, we’re partnering with RingCentraltm, the Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for UCaaS solutions, to provide best-in-class options for cloud. 

The paths to cloud are as plentiful and simple as ever with Mitel. 

RingCentral & Mitel: Announcing our first certified devices 

Mitel customers can migrate to RingCentral MVPsm with ease 

After our strategic partnership announcement, Mitel and RingCentral’stm device research and development groups hit the ground running. Both companies invested heavily in time and talent to ensure a simplified path for migrations at low cost and minimal downtime to our customers. And as a huge bonus for Mitel on-prem customers still looking to extract value from their existing equipment, your current 6900 phones are now certified to work with RingCentral MVPsm, and provide great investment protection. 

Most would agree that the high touch of desktop devices can be the most laborious and time-consuming job in any PBX or system migration. It goes something like this: 

  • Deliver, unbox, and set out a new phone with optional wall mounting. 
  • Program a new phone and/or check that it connects to the new system.  
  • Make a few internal calls. 
  • Work with new provider for cut-over day.
  • After the new system goes live, box up old phones for auction or recycling. 

When migrating to RingCentral MVPsm, Mitel devices fall into two interoperability categories. First is Manual Provisioning, which refers to connecting a Mitel phone to the RingCentral MVPsm service using a Mitel-created phone configuration file for login. With Manual Provisioning, the phone firmware updates do not happen automatically. In this scenario, there is some manual intervention, but there is no need to unbox, set out, plugin, and most importantly, pay for a different phone. 

The second category is Assisted Provisioning, where the devices allow customers to automatically connect their Mitel phone to the RingCentral MVPsm service. Phone firmware is managed and upgraded as part of the RingCentral MVPsm service. Note that anyone using Manual Provisioning will be automatically converted to Assisted Provisioning when available.  

Another great feature of Assisted Provisioning are enhancements like Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), a method that requires no interaction from the customer. With ZTP work completed by our R&D teams, you can simply: 

  1. Add the media access control (MAC) address of the Mitel 6900 phone into the RingCentraltm portal and, 
  2. Your phone becomes aware and ready to move to RingCentral MVPsm.   
  3. All user and configuration information are loaded to the Mitel 6900 Series phone and you are ready to make and take calls. 

Early Delivery of Initial Mitel 6900 Certification for RingCentral MVPsm 

Mitel and our partner community are always here to support you in the executing and planning of any of your communications technology decisions. Contact your service solution and trusted advisors to help you navigate buying and migration decisions before you make the leap. Mitel has sales engineers, customer success managers, and sales advisors to support our partner community on these motions.

Dan Nemechek

VP of Sales Engineering - Americas

Dan Nemechek has over 25 years of experience in the PBX, UC, UCaaS, and Contact Center industries with 3Com, ShoreTel, and Mitel. As VP of Sales Engineering, Dan focuses on Mitel UC, UCaaS, and product strategy. Dan’s expertise spans channel and enterprise sales and sales engineering, partner development and training, global sales engineering, and cloud and contact center.

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