What Analysts Are Saying about Mitel’s Customer Lifecycle Management

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Virve Virtanen | October 04, 2022

Every business has unique needs, especially in unified communications (UC) and that's why customer lifecycle management (CLM) is a significant focus for Mitel and our partners. CLM allows us to use intelligence and data that help ensure the end-customer gets the support and communications solutions they need.

This tailored approach is especially valued in the evolving era of hybrid work, where flexibility, agility, and future-proofing are vital elements of modernized business communications. Recent research from Techaisle underscores this, with 84% of organizations surveyed saying modern communications solutions are critical for their success and nearly three-quarters saying such solutions drive business growth.

In recent months, seeing the analyst community focus on what Mitel is doing and why customer lifecycle management in UC matters has been great. Here are my favorite quotes from industry analysts:

Oru Mohiuddin, Research Manager, European Unified Communications and Collaboration with IDC

"UC lifecycle management is not new, but it is becoming more important in the IT buying process. UC is no longer about IP PBX, IP phones, connectivity, and basic UC features. The UC stack now needs to support complex workflows through a myriad of sophisticated products and technological stack. Businesses need guidance from vendors to select the right stack."

Anurag Agrawal, Founder, and Chief Global Analyst, Techaisle 

“On the drive to UC modernization, picking the right tour guide is critical. Mitel’s Customer Lifecycle Management approach and its partnership with RingCentral are designed to lead the way and evolve as their clients evolve and drive better customer experience.”

Shelly Kramer, Principal Analyst and Founding Partner, Futurum Research

“Offering customers the right solutions at the right time not only helps [Mitel] deliver maximum business value, it goes a long way toward cementing long-term, loyal customer/vendor partnerships. Mitel’s focus on helping customers remain engaged with the team at Mitel and other partners throughout the entire communications lifecycle is, to my way of thinking, how it should be. I like what Mitel is doing with its strategic approach to Customer Lifecycle Management. Understanding the importance of customer lifecycle management is a game-changer for UC vendors, and Mitel’s approach to CLM is impressive.”

Blair Pleasant, President & Principal Analyst at CommFusion and Co-Founder of UCStrategies.com

“Customer lifecycle management in UC&C is growing in importance, and Mitel is a thought leader in driving value for its customers and partners through CLM.”

Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst, ZK Research

‘A vital part of CLM is to work closely with partners who have a deep understanding of the market and a close relationship with customers. Vendors can collaborate closely with partners by sharing customer data and training partners to act more like consultants rather than just selling and reselling the UC stacks. For partners, this is a great opportunity to leverage vendor insights and add even more value to their relationship with the customer.’

These analyst comments strongly endorse the value of Mitel’s CLM work to date, but our efforts continue. Mitel’s business strategy is rooted in comprehensive customer lifecycle management that gives organizations of varying sizes and industries the choice, flexibility, future-proofing, and support they need to win over employees and customers long term.

Stay tuned for more!

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Virve VirtanenVP, Analyst Relations and Competitive Intelligence

Virve Virtanen joined Mitel in 2021 as vice president, analyst relations and competitive intelligence. Virve has rich communications experience garnered from analyst relations leadership roles at companies including Poly, Mapbox, Microsoft, and Nokia. In her position as the leader of Mitel’s analyst relations and market intelligence initiatives, Virve helps expand the company’s efforts to closely engage with analysts around the world about Mitel’s strategy, opportunities, and momentum.

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