Why Mitel in Healthcare

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November 20, 2023

Together with our partners, Mitel offers healthcare organizations modern communications solutions that meet the growing demands of both patients and employees. Our innovative technology stacks combine functionality with the latest features, backed by support from our experts every step of the way. With greater efficiencies, the focus remains where it should be – delivering high-quality patient care.

Here’s how Mitel’s healthcare communications services are transforming the patient and staff experience around the globe:

Increased Patient Trust

The reputation of any hospital, doctor’s office, or clinic is dependent on patients’ trust, which is linked directly to their experience and perception of their treatment. As a healthcare provider, you must deliver the highest quality of care, providing clarity and transparency at every point of contact. Mitel’s user-friendly patient engagement technologies, including portals and consumer-facing applications, help you communicate effectively with your patients.

Improved Security and Scalability

Healthcare needs are growing even as resources are shrinking, leading to frustrating interoperability challenges and gaps in clinical delivery and coordination. No matter the organization's size, hospital, or surgery, Mitel’s on-site, cloud, and hybrid solutions scale to fit any needs and budget. Our solutions have features that help you comply with local requirements such as HIPAA to maintain data security and patient privacy.

Integration and Interoperability

Any new technology must work within your existing environment, whether with specific healthcare applications, other legacy systems, or a collaboration platform like Microsoft Teams. A solution that enables interoperability through smart APIs is critical to create the best experience, whether staff are collaborating and need to make a phone call from their laptop or desk phone or browsing the web and want the simplicity of click-to-dial automatically from any phone number.

Effortless Collaboration

With just one device, healthcare professionals can collaborate effectively across multiple channels. Whether at their desk, on a laptop or tablet, or even on their mobile phone, they can easily access their own personal and secure dashboard through the web, making workflows much more efficient and simpler.

Reduced Employee Burnout

A healthy work environment is critical to retaining satisfied healthcare staff amid a workforce shortage. Your team deserves technology that eases their workload and allows them to deliver efficient, quality care. Mitel offers intelligent systems to streamline workflows, automate routine tasks, manage patient records, and more. With advanced analytical insights into histories and data, employees can devote more time to their patients and less to administrative red tape.

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