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February 28, 2023

Small and medium businesses, often called SMBs or SMEs, may have a smaller footprint than their enterprise counterparts, but they have a significant impact. Today, in Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries, SMBs account for about 99 percent of firms, and 70 percent of all jobs, contributing more than 50 percent of GDP. Looking through a comprehensive, global lens, SMBs account for 90 percent of all businesses. They are vital employers and key to creating jobs — accounting for more than 50 percent of employment worldwide.

We often speak of SMBs as a single group, but they are incredibly diverse. And SMBs are not just ‘smaller enterprises’—SMBs function differently. Driven by necessity, their leaner staffs must own a broader range of responsibilities than enterprise employees and possess a unique talent for stepping into another employee’s shoes at a moment’s notice. SMB managers must be omnipresent--ensuring they are ‘always available,’ even when traveling from one location to another. And, because SMB budgets are smaller, they need technologies that can help stretch their money further.

Consequently, SMBs need more than a ‘slimmed down’ enterprise communications solution. Instead, they need personalized, right-sized solutions that support unfailing agility.

Mitel is happy to announce our new MiVoice Business solution designed for SMBs.

More Quality Voice

Despite an increase in digital communications formats like chat, most communications still rely on voice. According to Metrigy, today, most interactions (65%) start in voice — and 24% of those that don’t eventually have to be escalated to voice. Therefore, a high-quality voice experience must be the foundation of any SMB communications solution.

When a small or medium business purchases MiVoice Business solution for SMBs, they obtain an innovative, proven communications foundation that Mitel has steadily enhanced over more than 20 years. And they can apply that superior voice quality to a full suite of collaboration applications and a broad array of device types—including softphones on a PC or Mac, a front desk phone, a conference room phone, or even analog devices.

More Choice

Many vendors assume SMBs have the same communications requirements, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

A research study found that while 38% of SMBs operate as home-based businesses or in a single location, 62% have two or more sites. Some of those sites operate in remote areas where SIP trunking is not.

The same study found that 57% of SMBs operate in more than two countries. This can add complexity to technology decision-making criteria because some countries require that all businesses comply with strict data security laws that demand data be kept within country boundaries.

Products and services provided by SMBs differ considerably—but SMBs often play valuable roles in their communities, delivering value that must be ‘always available.’

Because of the diversity of SMBs, some need more choices in communications solutions than cloud-based UCaaS can provide. In contrast, MiVoice Business lets SMBs have their communications their way — providing them with an on-premise deployment option that delivers outstanding reliability, maximizes control, and enables local site survivability to ensure they can continuously communicate within and outside their organization.

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More Flexibility

The move to hybrid work environments is real—even for SMBs. And, to attract top talent in today’s competitive environment, smaller businesses must offer the same caliber of workstyle flexibility that larger enterprises offer. The key to this is providing employees with a range of collaboration solutions that optimize their ability to work as a coordinated team—regardless of where team members may be working from.

MiVoice Business for SMBs helps them optimize customer service and employee collaboration by allowing their teams to connect with customers using the most appropriate communication channel quickly and easily – be it voice, video, chat, or email.

More Manageable

Over 40% of SMBs have no internal IT staff, making ease of deployment and ongoing management an essential requirement for any communications solution.

MiVoice Business provides SMBs with a streamlined communications foundation that can be installed quickly and efficiently via a powerful, new configuration wizard. And MiVoice Business comes with an integrated CloudLink gateway that streamlines the ability to add collaboration CloudLink-based applications, including MiContact Center Business, MiCollab text and chat, MiTeam Meetings video, Mitel Voice Assist, and more.

More Cost-effective Growth

Small businesses share at least one common goal—to become bigger businesses! But they can’t afford to invest in a platform today that cannot quickly scale as their business grows. MiVoice Business offers SMBs the ability to quickly scale from 10 to approximately 150 users with this newest release, based on the Small Medium Business Controller, and the option to utilize MiVoice Business’ larger configurations if their business grows beyond that size. And Mitel also provides SMBs the option to ‘pay their way,’ purchasing a perpetual license for MiVoice Business or paying via subscription.

Now Empowering the Small and Mightier SMB

For the first time, Mitel is extending its proven, powerful MiVoice Business platform in a right-sized and right-priced format designed explicitly for smaller businesses.

Mitel’s robust MiVoice Business communications platform supports an SMB’s ‘small but mighty’ staff, who can choose the best communications tools to optimize each team member’s productivity and flexibility. By leveraging various mobile applications, employees can work from anywhere and always stay in touch. And Mitel’s range of deployment and payment options

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