What Is ACD Agent Control?


Automated call distribution (ACD) systems, sometimes referred to as call routing systems, direct calls to representatives within your organization who can help the caller with questions, provide services, or guide them further down the sales funnel. ACD agent control refers to when the system chooses the best agent to handle the needs of the caller.


How Does ACD Agent Control Work?


ACD agent control works by using a call-routing algorithm in combination with whatever distribution method you decide is best for your needs. The algorithm takes into account factors like the number of calls coming in, the time of day, and current wait times. The organization tells the system which agents are best equipped to address a variety of caller issues. The system takes that information and decides which agents are in the best position to handle the call.


Benefits of ACD Agent Control


ACD agent control helps make your call center more efficient in several ways. Some of the benefits include: Callers get an agent with the knowledge they need to address their concerns or requirements. Agents don’t waste time dealing with issues that are out of their comfort zone. The workload is more evenly distributed because the system can tell which agents are available.


Advanced ACD Agent Control Features


Not all ACD systems are the same. Some allow for more detailed control over how the system routes calls. For example:

  • Time-based routing: With this feature, agents can decide when they’re available to take calls. The system only sends calls their way at the appropriate time.
  • Agent talk time: The least-active agent gets the next call, which helps share the workload.
  • Weighted order: Agents get a score based on their skills, experience, or languages spoken. The system then uses this information to choose the best agent for the caller. With the right ACD system, you can streamline each caller’s experience and get them what they need faster. You can also reduce agent stress and improve performance.
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